Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Tale of the 2 Mrs. Bradys

Not my house
I workout on a treadmill while a DVD plays. I don't exercise for set minutes, I sweat according to how long an episode is and many episodes I watch. West Wing? Two 43 minute episodes is a good work out. M*A*S*H?  Usually three 26 minute episodes.  Colombo? A whole episode is between 85 and 115 minutes.

For my birthday this year my husband gave me a new 'old' series DVD compilation: the full five seasons of The Brady Bunch. As a kid and even a young adult I saw every Brady Bunch episode at least five times. Today I watched the first three episodes of season one for the first time in many years.

Here is the tale of the two Mrs Bradys. 

Photo of unknown Mrs Brady
There is a photo of the previous Mrs Mike Brady in Bobby's room. It is the boy's mother, presumed dead but never explicitly stated. He hides the photo in a drawer and his father encourages him to take it out again, saying that the new wife (new mother) will not mind Bobby wanting to have a photo of his mother on his dresser. Can I just say that we (the viewers) NEVER see that photo again in any future episodes. I guess the new Mrs Brady did have a problem with the photo after all. No more photos and mom is never mentioned again. Poor Mrs Brady.

The first episode is the wedding day and joining of the two families. Mike is nervous and tells Carol this on the phone. Carol suggests (and please remember this show was created for children in 1970) he take a tranquilizer. Mike says he already took one. Carol suggests he take another tranquilizer. I never realized  Mrs Carol Brady was such a pill pusher.

Yes, I think this is an example of
my childhood TV viewing
What does any of this have to do with keeping the pounds off?

As a child I watched the show on TV and re-runs, over and over while sitting on my ass doing nada. Now I watch it while sweating away the pounds on a treadmill and doing crunches on a stability ball. The show is in re-runs but this audience sampling is not stagnate! I move and sweat and move some more. What a difference from my televsion-tubby years.

If you enjoy some mindless TV viewing, what do you do to keep your body from becoming one with your couch?



Munchberry said...

I loved the Brady Bunch too! I remember the picture episode. There was a movie Goldie Hawn did where she takes a few tranquilers in order to get thru shopping and lunch with (I think) her soon to be MIL. Face plants in the salad and laughs ensue. It was indeed the emblem of the 70's. Mother's little helpers. They all did it (at least in CA).

I limit screen time to night. I cannot work out and watch TV and manage to work out hard. I listen to music and put the TV on caption with the news. Except not lately because I cannot bear watching the news. Election be over!

Norma said...

I freakin' LOVE LOVE LOVE the Brady Bunch and can probably quote the dialogue simultaneously in just about every episode!!!

I don't watch TV when I exercise at home (elliptical is in the basement so it's me, iPod and a gray wall plastered with workouts torn from magazines). At the gym there are 8 or 9 TVs in the cardio room, but I just keep my iPod on and sometimes I'll keep my eyes on one if it's tuned to CNN and has the closed captioning on the screen. But I just prefer to listen to music.

At night, we watch really no network TV. With the kids we watch "WipeOut" and then after they're in bed, we usually watch some real trash that makes us feel better about ourselves; e.g., "Hoarders," "Addicted," "Taboo," "COPS," even. And we like stuff like "Storage Wars" and "Pawn Stars" and "American Pickers." I have a big bad habit lately of putting on the TV at home during lunch and watching "Say Yes to the Dress" (NO, no wedding plans in real life!) or "What Not to Wear," and it's like I can hear my brain cells dying while I'm watching...

Rebecca said...

I experienced the Brady Bunch in reruns, and honestly haven't seen a whole lot of episodes, but it is fun :)

At the gym I use the cardio theater, and really enjoy watching different movies. If I come somewhat toward the middle I try to stay and workout to catch the end....but I have some movies I've seen the ending, then beginning, but not the middle.

At home, I use my Kindle Fire and a subscription to Hulu to watch episodes of just about every tv series that's been on major networks or the CW. Right now I'm watching Once Upon a Time and an old season of Biggest Loser (appropriate since I'm working out)...ha!