Monday, November 5, 2012

Social Weight Gaining?

This article suggests that people who spend their time on facebook also choose chocolate chip cookies over granola bars.

Is Facebook Making You Fat?

As with anything, I am responsible for what I view with my eyes. Once binge eating season starts, I avoid the Food Porn network and make sure I eat before I shop stores with food displays.

When it comes to facebook, I limit who I friend, like, read or what groups I join. I do not share recipes or food porn. I do not sign up for coupon offers for foods I have no business eating. I block people who put up picture after picture of desserts and such. I do not read about temping new foods.

Or do I?

My guilty pleasure is 'liking' the Ben & Jerry's page. I shouldn't get their little updates, but I do. Ice cream is not suddenly going to become a green light food for this sugar addict. I get a cheap thrill out of reading about the new flavors now and then. This is not a healthy behavior for me.  It is as dangerous as walking up and down the freezer aisle, reading all the ice cream packages -  as if I will discover that ice cream no longer contains sugar, milk fat and more sugar.

Once I see my thoughts in writing the answer became clear to me. Ah well, now I have to take the page off my likes.

Is Social networking helping your hurting you in keeping the pounds off?



Rebecca said...

Hmm...I don't think its doing either. Honestly, some times it keeps me from being bored so I don't eat. But if you are a mindless eater, and eat while sitting in fronjavascript:;t of your computer, I guess I could see how you would eat more for sure.

Norma said...

I quit Facebook just over a year ago and never looked back. For me it was just a huge time-suck, something that occupied wayyyyy too much space in my brain (if I wasn't at the laptop refreshing the page every 2 minutes, I was sneaking peeks on my phone app) and it caused problems in my relationship (because of both of us spending too much time on it, placing too much importance in it and because of "friends" getting a little too...interested in Josh. So we both deleted our accounts and it's been much better this way. I do eat at the computer a LOT of the time (which I vowed not to do when I got the laptop...crumbs everywhere) but I can say I have not had a "mindless eating" episode in front of the computer or TV or anywhere for many years now. I do think Facebook is the Work of Satan or at least the government, though. I miss out on a lot of news from friends but it beats the alternative.

Vickie said...

I think granola, granola bars, most cereals (even those that are healthier) ARE cookies (in disguise).

Karen said...

Great topic, as always Jane. I have a Pinterest account, but when I follow people I only subscribe to their hobby, travel, gardening pages. Plus some paleo/primal recipes meat and veggies only

Otherwise it can be triggery. I enjoy fb, because I can connect with my friends and I post a nature photo from the local area once a day. It's a way for me to share my hobby and love of nature. But I don't post when I'm busy, which is often.

I totally un follow people when they post desserts more than once or twice. I did not bring the standard American diet (SAD)with me in maintnence , so important not to go though the habits of the SAD, too.

Great topic. Karen P

Lynn said...

Most things I follow on FaceBook are healthy living related (running groups, my nutritionist, my gym, etc.) and on Pinterest it is the same (although many of friends post these decadent recipes that I just ignore), so I think social network helps me keep my head on straight. Of course, I also use it to keep up with my family and other friends. AND now that I refuse to play any games, it is not a giant time suck.