Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Why I am grateful I never became The Biggest Loser

Like Diane over at Fit to the Finish/Attune and her post today on the futility of speed in weight loss, I, too, no longer judge the effectiveness of a weight loss program by the speed at which I lose weight. The sole measure of a successful program is staying healthy on the journey and arriving there sound and staying there for years. 

There is no wisdom in dieting for a bathing suit when you do not crave to wear it when the temperatures drop. There is no satisfaction in massive drops at high speeds - only to damage my my body in nutritional/physiological ways. If I lose weight for an event or a prize or recognition, when the award losses its luster, the food will come calling. Then I will gain it back and then some. 

Today I lose and maintain with my mind focused on one day - today.

Do you have your eye on the right prize?   



Michelle said...

I hope so. I've done the diet with going to the gym to see the weight drop of quickly...and have seen it come back when something interrupted my diet/exercise.
Now the weight is coming off more slowly, but I'm walking 2X per day most days and eating in a way I can maintain. I do have a stumble here and there when I allow myself to overindulge, but that is part of the journey too. I believe this is something I can maintain long term. The weight is trending in the right direction so all is well.
Diane's blog was very good...and well timed for me too. You also bring out a good point in not dieting for a prize...although I do think that reaching my goal weight will be a good prize in itself. One of my rewards will be a new wardrobe, but that is not my only driving force.

WWSuzi said...

So very true! My weight loss is slow but sure and I have no guilt when something comes up that alters my plan for that meal but I steer myself back for the next one. It really is good to not be all or nothing.
In my group yesterday was a woman who refuses to use any of her weekly points because she wants to get to her goal as quickly as she can. She is an all or nothing kind of person. I could see the leader just cringe. Because reality is that what happens when she gets there??

bbubblyb said...

Yes, for me weight loss this time was about health and though I had goals and rewards along the way for myself the real goal was to change my mind about a lot of things that had brought me to be so obese throughout my life. In changing my mind I too just focus on today because I do want to see years of health in front of me. Good post Jane.

Lisa said...

I'm also glad that it took me nearly 2 years to lose 100 pounds. While at the time it was frustrating and slow, I think it helped me keep the weight off. I worked TOO hard for TOO LONG to gain it back!

Princess Dieter aka Mir said...

I began Two Years to Happy Weight After with the goal of losing 1 pound a week for TWO YEARS.

I didn't make goal. My body really likes the 170s as it's bottom limit, it seems. My body and my habits.

And that was prety much my rate: 1 pound a week, with some weeks of closer to 2 pounds, and RARELY a 2 or 3 or more pound week. I am, was a slow loser. I'm sure hypothyroid didn't heljp.

And I tell anyone in my family or city or blog who asks me for advice, "It doesn't matter if you lose 6 ounces a week, 1 pound a week, or two pounds a week. As long as you are consistent, make new habits in order to help KEEP them off, and just persist..those ounces and single pounds add up BIGTIME.

What I want is not to yo-yo. To keep out of obesity...and that doesn't happen with quickie fad diets. It happens by overhauling one's food, mentality, movement. That takes time, especially for those of us who were or are HUGE...not just "I gotta lose 10 or 20 pound," but "I gotta lose 100 or 200 pounds."

I struggle like anyone some days, some weeks, but mostly, I am a different person (so far) with regards to eating. I haven't had a binge since May of 2010, and I don't eat the way I did in the past. It's not easy, I still have to THINK about it, fight off temptation, but I am differnt (so far). Exercise, I did consistently for 4 years, had the whole no family income/job thing for a short spell, and that threw me off my game. I put my sneakers on today and aim to get BACK in my game. :D

One other reason I would tell folks to lose slowly is just not to freak out their bodies. I've seen how folks look on crash diets. It ain't pretty. Have you seen the gastric bypass folks who look absolutely dessicated? Well, I looked dang good as I was losing, cause I wasn't crashing.

Lynn said...

I am a painfully slow loser...and that is okay because I am making lifestyle changes...changes that will keep me focused on my goals of being able to things that I consider improbable if not impossible today.

Unknown said...

HI Jane! I was thinking about this very thought today (the 12th). I really don't care about losing weight unless I have the mental tools to keep it off. It's just mean to one's self to do it the mindless way, only to have it all be gained back.

:-) Marion

the low carb gal said...

It is amazing how different people look when they lose weight. You definitely look more radiant and healthy!

Countrywoman said...

so true