Friday, December 14, 2012

December 14, 2012

After hearing the news while I was out at Walt Disney World, I looked around at all the many, many children playing in the park with their families and wondered if any of their lives might have been saved by mom and dad taking them out of school this week. I called my sister who not only lives 30 minutes from the site, she is also an elementary school teacher. We cried together. 

I listened to reports on the car radio for the 35 minutes it took to get home and then watched it on CNN for an hour. I was teary, fearful and angry all at the same time. I listened to as much as I could and then I had to do something else. I went out and did three positive things: went to the walk up window at Walgreens and got a flu shot, bought three Christmas gifts for three special people in my life and the third thing (which will remain private). Then I went home and made the dinner I had committed to 10 hours earlier and got back to living my life while listening to the updates as the story became more clear, if you can use that word with regard to something so senseless and tragic. 

Life continues. It will constantly be altered the events of days life today, but it does continue. Recovery is a part of that life, so today I focused on eating the right foods and not looking for false comforts and excuses.  

My tears, prayers and hopes for the families shattered by today's events. 


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