Sunday, December 2, 2012

Decision Dysfunction

Overeating is not an Opportunity! 
Decisions are what you do after you 'decide' to do something. In my case, if I want to be keeping the pounds off I must follow up my words with corresponding actions. Can I say I have made a 'decision' to maintain my weight loss by staying within my food guidelines if I bust out of those guidelines so often I bust out of my pants over and over between one holiday and the next.  Sometimes I have decide to do things and then not followed through. I do not want to do that this month. I want my follow-thru to match the decisions I make.

If I decide to stay within my daily food guidelines through the holidays with several plates of 'just this once' and numerous spoonfuls of 'I deserve this' justification, then my body will be justified to gain weight. I must accept my regimen, otherwise I will be forced to accept the pounds. I cannot allow my addict-brain to bullsh*t me into thinking excess food is okay. It is fine for some people. I am not one of them - no matter how much I wish I were.

The disease of food addiction tries to make me think I have choices. What are the choices? There is the option not to overeat. The other 'choice' is to return to the hell of overeating, active weight gain and all the pain that goes with it. The squirrels in my head try to tell me to eat a handful of nuts and drink water before leaving home so I can 'eat everything moderately' at a dessert shindig. The squirrels whisper 'what's the harm? You can get back on track again tomorrow. I want to let you in on a secret: the squirrels lie. They are bad, bad squirrels. Do not listen to them. They once told me I  could eat whatever I wanted one day a year. It was a Christmas day. Sometime in January I woke up and wondered what the hell happened. The squirrels are not allowed to play in my head today.

 Dec 1, 2012 
I need to make sure my decisions today mirror what I 'decided' to do in staying within my food guidelines this friggin festive binge season. How am I doing so far? Half the season is in front of me and my jeans still fit comfortably. Will they fit comfortably on January 1st or will I be squeezing into them with a large shoe horn? The decision remains to be seen.

Today is the first of the Christmas parties I will be attending this year. Move over parties, platters and punch, There is no room for decision dysfunction in my jeans.



Vickie said...

I have a post coming this Tuesday on balance testing - this is an excerpt from that post that I think you will like:

For some part of the table sequences, I had to do a mental task while we waited for dizzies to subside.

And the mental task she gave me was to think of Thanksgiving related words in alphabetical order.

When I got to Z, I said zipper.

And she asked why.

And I said because I would be wearing my snuggest jeans with no stretch and a yes, a waist band/zipper to thanksgiving dinner.

She turned all the way around and looked at me (she had been monitoring test on screen in front of her) sort of amazed.

I knew it was a totally new concept.

She said - I normally wear my loosest, stretch pants.

She said - do you really wear fitted pants?

I said yes - to any event like that and also on vacation.

I said - sometimes I wear the same jeans all of vacation and wash every couple days so they re-shrink in dryer.

Karen said...

Awesomeness , As always pure awesomeness. So nice to have the talking head match the action body. You look awesome by the way. Thank you for posting.

Norma said...

Well said, my friend!

Unknown said...

You are awesome in your jeans, Jane. Really, you look super good. I also don't want to be "squeezing into them with a large shoe horn."<<How funny but so true!

I made up the January Jeans Club, for all of us who want to look good in our Jeans in January 2013. You are definitely a member!

I have repeatedly told my dog Keebler that they are "naughty squirrels." We don't trust them at all! :D

:-) Marion

Caron said...

Such an adorable picture. You look great.

I did that "I'll just eat through the holidays and then I'll get back on track January 1st" thing. It took me years to get back on track. We can do this. I just wish there were not so many minefields to negotiate. :(

bbubblyb said...

You do look great Jane :) Great post for all of us :) a good reminder for sure.

Jane Cartelli said...

Vickie, your alphabet story has a happy ending. She will be thinking of you next year at Thanksgiving when she thinks about what pants she is going to wear to dinner.