Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Don't Think Yourself Into Gaining

In keeping the pounds off, I do not let the squirrels in my head get active by feeding them the bad attitudes they need to energize and take over my thinking. the squirrels feed off negative thoughts and attitudes like

  • Ugh, my skin is so stretched and hangy, I have to hide it.
  • My thighs sicken me. Who could look at them?
  • Why did I buy this? It makes me look fat/chunky/awful. . . .

Neither is my reflection
I feel good, my clothes fit, I am maintaining my weight loss and I still have to guard against the negative messages that feed the squirrels. Whatever my body size today, whatever size clothing I wear, it is good. I choose to eat right so that I can say this again tomorrow. I love my body just as it is today because today's thoughts can guide me to make positive or negative food choices. 

It is hard not to eat the holiday treats if in my brain I have already gained the weight of having them. If I walk into a party or sit down at a meal thinking I am crap for having thick thighs or sagging arms and jowls then I am going to be open to giving up and giving in. 

I am worth a better attitude. So are you. Whatever your size today, you are not crap and you are NOT required to put crap into your mouth. 

What positive things can you say to yourself about yourself, before your next meal?



A said...

This. Is. So. True. Thank you

bbubblyb said...

Good post Jane, yes have to keep those squirrels away.

Jane Cartelli said...

I needed to write this post after I tried on a pair of pants and all I could see was the redundant abdomen roll that hangs down below the zipper. In short zipper slacks it looks like I have something in my front pockets and I don't. . . Then I decided the positive is that I know what is in the pants. Those are hard earned battle scars and I accept and love me today scars included.

PolishWater77 said...

I just stumbled upon your blog this morning. I have restarted my own journey and restarted my A Circle is 360˚ blog, thank you for such a reminder. I love the squirrel analogy! since it's in your labels, I assume it's a regular thing - love it! I will need to talk to my own squirrels... ((hugs))