Thursday, December 20, 2012

Seasons and Reasons

this post is not about flu season
'Tis the season. Remember the Bugs Bunny cartoons? There are hunting seasons. There is rabbit season, duck season, deer season, Elmer season . . . . During the calendar year we have the four weather seasons: Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. We have the holiday seasons: Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter, Halloween. Then there are the allergy seasons: ragweed, jasmine, orange blossom, grasses, etc. What about flu season? Flu can happen at any tie of year but flu season is so named because it is the time of year when the flu can be epidemic. 

If you are a hunter (ick) and enjoy hunting season, you prepare for it. You buy the right equipment, get the correct licenses and follow the rules so that no one gets hurt. Where we live determines how we prepare for the weather seasons. Stocking wood or heating fuel, warm clothing, cool clothing, Totes boots, umbrellas, a rake for leaves on the lawn, a lawn mower for when the grass comes to life in Spring. Chains for the tires and salt for the steps in the north. Hurricane supplies for the south. For the holiday seasons we buy trick or treats, decorations, we color eggs, put up lights, decorate trees. We attend religious services and celebrate with brethren. Advent and Lent are liturgical seasons all about preparing for the Christmas and Easter Seasons. With allergy season, some people get shots. Others keep their favorite decongestant on hand, along with plenty of tissues. People get inoculated for flu season and wash their hands more often. 

These need not be edible
For all these things we make ready. When we are caught unprepared we struggle and sometimes suffer for it. Many years I am wrapping gifts, finally, on Christmas Eve. I send packages Express because I neglect to ship them early - because I didn't shop for them until late. Who hasn't said, at this time of year, "Where did the days go, I still have to.." (insert your own list here).

I have other seasons. I have food seasons. Ice cream season, chocolate egg season, cookie season, candy season. If I am to get through food seasons without suffering the effects, I cannot ignore them as though they do not exist. I do no pretend I do not react to chocolate eggs in a dish on the coffee table. I no longer deny I instantly salivate for ice cream when it is hot outside - and let's remember that I live in sunny Florida. 

Currently I am in Cookie Season. If I am to emerge on the other side unscathed and unencumbered by multiple excess pounds, I prepare. I can prepare to thrive or I can prepare to fail. I plan to thrive by limiting my exposure at parties, in store aisles and at home. There are cookies in our home but not arranged attractively on a three tiered cookie platter, constantly replenished as I eat down the display, No! In our home this year they are in tins. My family is doing most of the baking. I have merely supervised others learning the techniques of the more complicated recipes so they can be made in the future without my help.

Otherwise known as the Office Christmas Party
I have a plan. I have shared it with my mentor. There are cookies I will have, in mutually agreed amounts. I will remain honest about what I have and how I feel both before, during and after. It would be better if I did not have any cookies at all. I know that. I know I am letting the tiger out of the cage with each cookie. I could end up suffering. Are they worth that? Honestly, is anything worth that today?

Ah, that is the dilemma of this food addict. Is the taste worth the misery should the planned, limited  exposure prove to be too much? I have already let go of the idea of consuming some of the cookies I have shared about. It is not too late to let go of more.

Time and scale will tell.

Do you prepare for your allergy season or do you succumb?



Karen said...

Plan 100%. There are no cookies in my plan. Total trigger food for me.

Caron said...

No cookies for me but I did have four or five of the bourbon balls I made. I'm glad they are gone. I'm still planning on my piece of cranberry pie on Christmas Eve too. Yum.

Unknown said...

Merry Christmas Jane, to you and your family!

:-) Marion

Lisa said...

Aw! I totally get that! I'm in cookie season too! I made some cookies on Christmas eve and the recipe said it made 12 cookies (which I thought odd) but wanted to give some to family as a gift. It ended up making 60 cookies!!!!

I did not want the temptation in the house. I gave some to neighbors and then the rest I took to work. They were gone in minutes! Now I don't have to worry about them in my house. :)

Vickie said...

The first Christmas without your mom, I thought of you, how did it go?

Joan said...

Hi Jane, I've been thinking of you too. Happy 2013!

bbubblyb said...

Hope you're doing ok, hugs.

Janis said...

Hiya -- I'm a lurker here. I find your honesty and ability to transform yourself very inspiring.

I know you use this metaphor a lot, and when I saw this post, I thought you'd find it cute. It's a bit silly and plays off the "squirrels" thing you talk about:

Anyhow. :-)

Hope this makes it past your spam filter!

Norma said...

Anybody in there? Miss you, Jane. Hope you are okay...