Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Four Essential "L"s for Life

Sorry to dash any food hopes you may have had this morning but none of them are edible. I heard about the four essential Ls on Doctor radio XM. 

The four essential "Ls" in life are
  • Love
  • Laugh
  • Learn
  • Live
My take with regard to keeping the pounds off:

Love - love others, love yourself, love your life, love thy neighbor, your fingers and your toes, what you can see, hear, taste, smell . . . love love love. I do not have to love or like cruelty, dishonesty. unfairness or any other unhappiness but, I can choose how I respond to such situations. I can be compassionate and loving in many different ways. Yesterday I chose to respond to a situation with love instead of annoyance and today the situation is completely turned around for the better. Apply love to a situation and watch what grows. Love, love love. When I love myself with food it is healthy, sane portions and without the foods that cause me to hate myself later.

Laugh - not just at funny things on the TV. There are laughs in all sorts of situations if we will just let them be recognized. Think of laughter as so important it is right up there with drinking water and toilet paper. You gotta have it and use it every day! The night my mother died we found something to laugh about. We joked that somewhere in the world Johnny Depp was experiencing the strange feeling that someone was pinching his ass. What is to be gained by being morose over missing out on the food orgy this Christmas when there is joy and laughter to be treasured that is just waiting for me to stop taking myself seriously and enjoy the world.

Learn - There is always something out there to learn. You think you're done? You're not done until you are dead. Expanding our brains is healthy for our whole body, our spirit and our happiness. Remember that learning does not always equal retention - we may forget things along the way. When that happens and I forget something I previously learned, I like think of it as making room for all the new things I am learning. Then there are the things I intentionally 'unlearn'. I am learning new ways to handle situations and new things about how to care for myself. Letting go of things that no longer have value in my brain is a good thing.

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Live - While I cannot remember the name the doctor who said it, the best quote I have heard recently is 

"The tragedy is not in dying. Dying is what we do; we all will die. The tragedy is not living."  

We have today and we have ourselves. We may not have anyone or anything else and we may not have tomorrow. We have to live today. This does not mean I eat anything (or everything) I want because I have to 'live my life one day at a time.' In my case and in the case of so many food addicts, the living is only possible because I have put down the idea that I could/can/should eat whatever a want because I want it. 

Life does not start when you reach a certain number on the scale or when you get a ring on your finger or when a case is closed. Your life does not start when the EPT turns blue or when the kids leave the house for college or return home. Life started the moment you woke up this morning - every morning. Even if you put living your life on hold you cannot put live itself on hold. It keeps going and it will move on without you if you let it. 

I am living in life today. Not perfectly, but as fully as possible and not with my head in the fridge and my ass on the sofa. 

Are you going to live your life today with the four essential "L"s?



Karen said...

Great post , as always Jane. Loving life today and living in the moment. Onward!

evilcyber said...

Jane, this was very well said! I especially liked the part about learning: The moment you stop learning, you, in my opinion, stop living.

Unknown said...

This is a super excellent post. I especially enjoyed the Laugh section, saying that we should laugh frequently, like using toilet paper! Funny, but very wise.

I don't know how you are so amusing, yet I feel like I consumed a vitamin pill for the mind when I'm done reading your post.

:-) Marion