Saturday, January 21, 2012


What do you think? 

Part One:
Last night we had Chinese food. I asked my husband to bring home brown rice, snow peas with beef and cashew chicken for the three of us to share. I normally do not get cashew chicken because sometimes cashews are a 'gateway drug' for me - I want more. The place was a madhouse and traffic was nuts and he got home a little after 7:30 PM. The restaurant had forgotten to put the cashew chicken in the bag. I immediately thought "okay, I am not meant to eat cashew chicken tonight. There is still enough food for everyone because Larry got an egg roll for him and our daughter. 

Then we checked the receipt. While everything else on it was written in Chinese, the words cashew chicken were written plain as day in English. I tried to call the restaurant three times to arrange a credit but it seems that number is incorrect. That annoyed me. I like to get what I paid for. So, we got in the car and returned for the cashew chicken. Now I am thinking "Why is the $$ for this one item annoying me? - but that is a problem for me to talk about with my mentor. The restaurant realized they had made the mistake after Larry originally left but did not have a number to call us. As soon as we walked in they were ready for with a take out container of cashew chicken. Now, I am back to looking forward to having it.

Part Two:
We go back home and while I am eating broccoli in garlic sauce, our daughter makes up her plate, including a serving of the cashew chicken. When I get to the container to take a portion, I notice that there are no cashews left. It seems all the cashews were on the top portion of the container only. This meant chicken and veggies for me and no cashews last night. 

I was NOT supposed to have cashews yesterday. I got the message in part one but chose to ignore it when I was diverted by the money issue. I really got (accepted) the message in part two.

In keeping the pounds off I sometimes often need to be tapped on the head over and over again twice before I get a message. Luckily those taps are not administered with a two by four.