Thursday, January 24, 2013

48 Hours and Counting

Thank you all for the sharing, caring and support. When the squirrels start their dance tomorrow I am going to re-read your comments and remember that I am not alone. Today was a good day.  I have 48 hours and counting. For the next few days I am going to concentrate on firming up my footing so I will keep the posts short and naturally sweet - with no added sugars. :-) 

Today I had a few moments of wanting to eat more and wanting to eat something sweet. In both instances I could pair the impulse with being tired. A quick 10 minute nap helped the first time and a glass of water, a prayer and a phone call helped me through the next. 

I hope you are on the road to sane eating and living today. Together we will get better. 



A said...

Thrilled to read that you are holding strong. Sounds as if you have some good self awareness and "overcoming strategies" in place.

Good for you!

Karen said...

One day at a time, one meal, one bite sometimes.

Onward- we walk together. Here's to the strength that it takes. Karen P.

downsizers said...

You certainly are not alone. Many of us could have written a post similar to yours yesterday at one time or another. You will get your confidence back as success continues. Hang in there.

Caron said...

Step by step and staying consistent is the best thing we can do for ourselves. Ever onward. :)

Kelliann said...

sending prayers your way. You got this!

Unknown said...

Hi Jane! Yes, when that itchy food feeling comes, I'm often just mentally or physically tired. Just knowing that fact makes it a little better. Little things, like naps, joking, etc... do make it better.

:-) Marion