Thursday, February 28, 2013

Add Sugar to Fresh Vegetables?: The Devil is Winning and I am in Hell

 Every time -e-v-e-r-y t-i-m-e- I pick up sugar I feel the negative effects. The first bite is exciting but the rest are lost in the sickness of overeating again and again and again. When I eat it, I do not do it because I 'know' it will be good - I pick up sugar when I feel trapped in my addiction and unable to stop. I hate myself when I pick up. I gut-level despise myself for what I, in active disease, see as weakness, instead of accepting that I am sick and need more help than I have inside myself.

I find hope and strength in knowing that I can eat full and satisfying meals that do not contain the substances that hurt my body. I can eat clean. When I grill a piece of chicken, roast a potato and make a salad, I know I am eating whole foods without added sugars.

Then I see articles like this one about the "helpful" idea to add sugar to whole vegetables to get kids to like them and this one about how food is being manufactured to be addictive in the name of profits and market share.

And I think to myself the devil is winning and I am in hell.

The idea of companies finding ways to make people pick up sugar without realizing it sickens me on every level. That my children and grandchildren will be hurt by these business tactics leaves me mourning today for the pain they and all other consumers will be fed in the form of sugar enhanced products tomorrow. I have been writing about these dangerous tactics for years yet with each new season more and more is revealed that sickens me. Even more than this, I am scared that I will reach a point where I cease to fight against the relapses and choose not to get up when I falter.

On a lighter note, this all sounds like a new, modern version of the game of CLUE: The murderer was the Cook. The crime was committed in the Kitchen and the weapon was a Salad.

NEVER let ANYONE - EVER tell you that a piece of cake won't kill you because in the future even the cauliflower will be suspect.


Rebecca said...

I'm with you too Jane. And the sad part is, the most of us are aware of what's going on and yet we don't stop...or can't stop, but most folks I know, just don't want to stop. Or maybe the sugar has made them believe they don't want to stop.

Your words: "I am scared that I will reach a point where I cease to fight against the relapses and choose not to get up when I falter" are also a big fear in me. I slip, I get up and try again, and I've done this over and over the past 5 years. I am very fearful that there will be a day I truly join the masses and believe the fight isn't worth fighting any more.

But for now, I am no where near ready to give up. So fight on I shall ;)

Great post Jane.

Unknown said...

Hi Jane! Yes, in the last few years I feel the effect of sugar and refined carbs so much more than I used to be able to detect.

As a society, we have to quit sugaring things so much and come up with better recipes. Spicier recipes that have a lot of kick, not sugar.

:-) Marion

Caron said...

Forty-five years ago before so much of this fake over sugared and over salted food was around, my stepmother used to put sugar in the turnip greens. She said it helped with the bitter taste. I would plead with her to have a portion without sugar because it ruined the taste for me and I LIKE the bitter. She would not oblige. There is never a hint of sugar in my turnip greens. :)

Vickie said...

I have written this before - waitress, kindly investigating kitchen practices upon my questioning, discovered they steamed all veggies in sugar water. She was shocked and embarrassed.

I rarely eat away from home.

I am down to basically one place where they will give me a copy of the recipe and I can talk to the kitchen.

Jane Cartelli said...

All good comments, thank you. Everything you all have said here is appreciated.