Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Eat, Plug, Suck, Flush?

If you could eat all your wanted of anything you wanted and thirty minutes later hook up a hose to your belly and WOOSH! dump out a hefty percentage of the not yet absorbed food (a.k.a. calories) into your friendly nearest available toilet - - - would you do it?

If you are a food addict or a compulsive eater or a morbidly obese person who thinks everyone and everything else is to blame for your body size (No judging anyone - I am a card-carrying member of the Island of Denial in the Land of Excuses - I've dwelled in that place), you have probably considered or used unsafe pills, bulimia surgical devices, surgical digestive track altering and just about everything else to drop the weight.

Found out about this new device via Mir (Princess Dieter) over at Happy Weight After. Mir shares her horror in her own post on this subject.

If you have not already read the ABC News article on the stomach pumping machine that makes calories disappear, please read it and tell me what you think.

I think that some people are going to look at this device, which does exist and is one step away from being marketed to you, and think it is the answer to their excess pounds. I find such a thing scary because I know there was a time when I would have considered anything - anything short of putting down the food. . . . this is for obese people who will not stop eating. I was that person.

Today this scares the crap out of me. I have experienced a better way of life because I had to rely on more than a surgically implanted food extractor. If I had such a thing where would my motivation be to eat healthy or exercise. Why would I want to stop eating? What if keeping the pounds off was mostly the action of hooking up and sucking out? Is that scary?

Remember when you were at your most desperate moment, whether it is 15 years ago or today - it does not matter. Just think of how you felt and that moment and tell us: would you have considered it?



Rebecca McNeill said...

Sadly, yes, I absolutely would. My desperate self would see it as a way to continue to eat the "junk" and lose weight.

My good days, where I feel strong, like today, this device makes me mad. It's scary, but also, I'm just pissed that folks are going to get the same result without the work. But who am I kidding, their results won't be the same, because they still won't be giving their body the real fuel it needs. They will stick get sicknesses and diseases from the synthetic food crap they put in their stomachs.

They are praying on the desperate and the weak... it's a sad, sad thing.

Vickie said...

Preying is exactly the word.

And there are a lot out there who will be the first in line and a lot of docs who will think it is the only way those people are ever going to lose weight.

Besides nutrition, infection is going to be a HUGE factor with this device.

Unknown said...

Hi Jane! All I have to say is--pride would go straight down the toilet too.

:-) Marion

Dr. J said...

I suppose "a chance to cut is a chance to cure" doesn't apply so well to this franken-surgery!

By the way, fabulous job on losing all that weight!

Also, did you see the recent EAP movie, "The Raven?"

Jane Cartelli said...

Rebecca - I don't begrudge people getting results without the same effort or work that I put into it. If someone can do this without the effort - lucky them. I cannot go around resenting anyone who has it easier or different from me. It only hurts me to have that attitude. But I do think this device, which I believe was invented to truly help people who have no idea how to stop overeating, will be picked up by the vultures who pray on the desperate.

Vickie - I thought that, too. Infection is going to be horrible for some people, not to mention that it only removes about 1/3 of the food and calories. Take away 1/2 of MY calories when I was in my worse period of eating and I would have still gained weight.

Marion - The saying is pride goeth before a fall. Perhaps this is what some people will need to truly surrender and realize they need help that cannot be found in a pill, a scalpel or a bag of crunchies.

Dr J:
Have not seen the movie but have seen the trailers. I tend to stay away from gory murder movies. Is it as bloody as it appears?

Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...

To me, it sounds like bulumia for people who don't want to puke.

Melissa @ Faster In Water said...

Ditto to Julie D...that is sick. I would much rather do anything non invasive like diet and exercise!