Friday, February 1, 2013

Hot Berry Tea or Horror Night at the Movies

Went to see the Ben Afleck movie ARGO last night. Excellent. It was ARGOibly one of the best films of 2012. It was 8pm, it was cold outside and I wanted someone hot to drink. Enter the movie theater concession stand. Ignoring the popcorn, ice cream, baked things, fried things and candy items, I saw on the menu board they had hot Very Berry Herbal Tea, Cappuccino and Hot Cocoa.

The theater manager was helping the understaffed concession stand workers. We waited on us. I ordered  Hot cocoa for the hubby please and can you tell me if there is any sweetener in the tea? He looked at me like I was a little weird (his problem, not mine) and said "We don't add anything to the tea." So, I ordered the tea. They use one of those pod systems for making cappuccino and hot cocoa. I watched him make the cocoa and when he handed it to me I handed it directly to my hubby. Then I watched him use a pod to make my tea. In my mind tea bags have to be cheaper than pods but they seem to use the pod system for all their hot beverages.

I sniffed the steam coming through the sippy opening of my cup. I could smell cinnamon, clove, raspberry and ginger. I took a sip and paused. It was frothy, which was a surprise. I took a second sip and held the cup out to my husband and asked him "does this taste sweet to you?"

He tasted it and shook his head. I took another small sip. "Maybe the cinnamon is giving it that trace of sweetness. It certainly is flavorful. We went to our seats. The cup sat a few minutes and then when I tasted it, it did not taste sweet - until about half way through the cup. During the previews, when I was about half way through the serving, I took a sip and blanched. This is sweet. There was something in the tea. Neither the manager or I stirred the tea in the cup when it was full and whatever sugar was in the pod must have settled to the bottom of the cup and was now making its presence known.

I put the cup down and did not reach for it again - although I wanted to drink it. I wanted to smell more and taste it more. I couldn't. I could not deny there was something sweet in there. I realized too late that my husband had tasted the tea after drinking some of his own cocoa and therefore was already sensitized to the taste of sweet. The tea, being less sweet than cocoa, did not register on his palate as sweet.

I wanted to have something else sweet last night but I stayed aware of what happened and had nothing else but water. Today I am maintaining that awareness and have not over eaten or picked up any of my yellow foods to 'compensate' for the taste of something sweet. Next time I want something and I cannot get an answer of "absolutely no sugars in this product" from the server, I will ask to see the label or not consume it.

It was a good lesson to learn. So far, the only price I had to pay was a movie ticket and $2.50 for the tea. It could have been a horror night but it wasn't. For this I am grateful.

Have a good weekend keeping those pounds off!



Unknown said...

Hi Jane! This is exactly why I sneak in an apple, and mint gum to movies. I know what the ingredients of my food are. I wouldn't have a problem purchasing an apple at the movie theater, except that they don't have them.

:-) Marion

Vickie said...

My guess is that there was no easy label available. Machine/pod/commercial packaging does not usually have what we find on grocery store labels. A bakery can get something in that just says - muffin mix. And usually the staff with pod/machines simply does not know.

Do you have/carry a baggy of tea bags in your purse?

I watch sodium just as closely as sugar. I sort of go on the assumption that even if I ask and they tell me, I do not trust what they think they know. Ever since the restaurant that steamed veggies in sugar water. Because even if I had gone back to the kitchen and watched them, I would had no idea there was sugar in the water.

Caron said...

I never get anything at the movies as I am a cheapskate, but the tea would have been good if it had been no sugar. I usually have a stick of sugar free gum and enjoy the movie. :)

Jane Cartelli said...

I don't eat in the movies at all, even my fruit stays home. I usually have gum but I was doing w/o gum all week. I always have a bottle of water but the temperature was so cold I really wanted something warm and was just happy to see they had hot beverage choices. Next time I will wait for warmer weather. I live in Florida - the most I would have to wait is a week.

Unknown said...

I haven't been to the movies since I started my healthy eating in January. I'm kind of nervous about it because hubby ALWAYS gets a big soda and usually gets a big (buttery) popcorn.

I'm going to have to plan ahead.