Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love Need Not Melt in Your Mouth

In the 1800's people weren't normally obese. They weren't even fat. A gift of chocolate was special because it was rare and expensive. It was not shelf-stable. It was not blended with hydrogenated anything. I doubt hydrogenated was even a word. Then candy companies and advertising agencies got involved and when electric refrigeration became the norm, chocolate remained a special gift. Even when processing of cocoa pushed chocolate into our daily lives with chocolate milk drinks, shelf candy and added to everything from pancakes to yogurt, chocolate still retained its status as a special gift.

So many of us have an emotional attachment to chocolate. Therefore, it is OKAY to feel the pull to eat chocolate. It is OKAY to have a longing for it. It is OKAY to feel sadness that the love you have for chocolate is unrequited. Feel your feelings and LET IT GO! I can't use those feelings as the excuse to 'allow myself' one tiny piece.  I am not going to tell myself lies to make the first taste plausible. (there will never be just one taste - the first taste is just that - the first of many, many, many more).

I am not trying to satisfy the urge with replacements of sugar-free or sweetener-free chocolates. They never satisfied me in the past and I usually turned around and ate the real thing before getting back on track a week, month or years later. That is not going to happen today.  I am not going to eat my chocolate-heart out for a day and pray to get back on the wagon tomorrow. Not this time, baby. This year chocolate is not invited to my love fest.

My husband better be prepared: If I cannot cool my desire for orgasmic chocolate desserts then a very hot evening of chocolate free lust ~ is a must.

Happy Valentine's Day.


Karen said...

Happy Valentines Day! This will be my second non food focused Valentines day. Life is much better not medicating with those little conversation hearts and a box of chocolate. My body does not know what day it is, and my mind is clear to be present.

Enjoy your valentine. ;)

Unknown said...

Hi Jane! It'd be nice if we could have a Valentine's Day focused on love for others. When treat giving is placed in too high of priority, it drowns out the things that matter most. And, as you appreciate, there's nothing wrong with 0 calorie desserts of a great joke shared among friends or a thoughtful email (or comment!) to a friend. :D

Happy Valentine's Day!

:-) Marion