Sunday, February 10, 2013

Pre-Valentine's Chocolate Pep-Talk

‎"It is unacceptable that chocolate makes you fat but I've eaten my share, so guess what. . . ."
~  Line of dialog from Mission Impossible III
I wish eating chocolate did not make me crazy. I wish I could eat it and not follow it with a ridiculous amount of additional chocolate or other food that I would eat in an attempt to fill the empty spot that cannot be filled with chocolate or any other food.
I have tried it over and over again. The last attempt was three weeks ago. It was, yet again, a mission impossible. It does not matter if the chocolate is milk, dark, 70%, 88%, organic, vegan, free-trade or dipped in goat's blood and shaved into 100 calorie portions. I should not try myself against chocolate advertisements, chocolate scents, chocolate candles or 'diet' chocolate that keeps me in the bathroom for two days. I am better off not trying to have any.
"Our desires do not change what is fact. . . "
~  I think I said that
Come to think of it, my car is a sparkling chocolate brown. Maybe it is time for a car that is not a deliciously edible color. Do cars come in periwinkle?



Unknown said...

Hi Jane! If chocolate is your kryptonite, then Super Jane better not eat it. :D (And yes, I'd love to see what you could do with that sentence in a post.)

:-) Marion

Vickie said...

very true

Caron said...

I wish the stores were not stocked to capacity with boxes of chocolate right now, but I will not buy them. I will keep walking and let the next person have my share. :)

Cenandra said...

LOL! I love chocolate like you do. I can eat 70% and be okay, but any milk chocolate I am a gonner.

Lisa said...

Thankfully I'm doing a gluten and dairy free challenge for February so that pretty much rules out chocolate!

Norma said...

Jane, you know that if the chocolate is expensive, organic, conflict-free, states the # of antioxidants on the label, and was blessed by Dr. Oz, then it is totally non-habit forming and totally okay to lick...

This is why the concept of "moderation" is absolute bullshit.

No first bite means no second bite.

I stand in solidarity with you for a candy-free February 14...and every other day as well.