Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super Bowls of Food?

According to the talking heads (and they are probably right) the day of the Super Bowl ranks second to only Thanksgiving as the day of the year that we, the gluttons people, eat more than we do any other day of the year.

To me, the Super Bowl conjures up visions of super bowls of dip, super bowls of chips and a Super Bowl of ice cream. I have been the Hostess-with-the-Most-est at some some serious super bowl parties during the past thirty years.

I wrote a whole long blablabla on what was feasted upon during those parties. I erased it  when I realized reading it could be a turn on for another food addict. It is enough for me to just write this:

When we throw the party there are designated drivers so people who want beer or other alcohol are not driving. My guests know that they are my Designated Eaters, taking any leftovers with them. If I do not normally it a food it does not stay in my home.

I don't have super bowls of food anymore.

My weight is down 18 lbs down from January 23rd when I accepted I was in relapse and got clean and honest with myself and others.

I feel free again. In the Super Bowl of Weight I am feeling like a winner.



Karen said...

Wow, second to Thanksgiving. Amazing! Welcome back , Jane. The only thing remotely Super Bowl food that I will have is some home made guacamole as part of my normal days eating. No chips , just the guacamole on a salad or chicken.
You are indeed a winner.

Caron said...

You are doing great! My husband wishes he could lose two pounds a week but it is usually half a pound or maybe one or nothing.

We don't do Super Bowl anything because we don't watch football. Actually, we don't watch any sports. Does that make us weird? Ha ha

Rebecca said...

Well, we aren't sports we'll be at the gym or watching a movie instead..(I don't know what time it even starts..ha!).

Great job on your freedom!! Proud of you!

Vickie said...

I didn't realize it was super bowl time until yesterday when my husband said he wasn't watching.

Picture of the two clean bowls is lovely.

Norma said...

Way to fight the good fight, Jane! :)

Unknown said...

Last week's weight loss meeting ended up being about how everyone was going to overeat for Super Bowl. I suggested, "How about a bowl of Dole frozen blueberries," but everyone decided it was far better to just cave to the food. It was an awful meeting, and I had to go "lalalalala...." in my mind until it was done.

Excellent, Jane, how you got back on track. Most of that lapse is already corrected.

:-) Marion

Unknown said...

For the Super Bowl party we are attending, I am bringing healthy stuff (veggie tray and pepperoni with cream cheese). I wanted to make sure there was something there that I can eat without guilt.

I will probably sample the other fare, but I won't overindulge.


Jane Cartelli said...

Karen - I have avocado all the time and today I made guacamole and had it with my cherry tomato and turkey omelet.

Caron - Sports? I watch the super bowl for the commercials - which is better than watching it for the food. lol

Vickie - I knew you would be one of the people who appreciated bowls without food. I do try to have a food-porn free blog most of the time. :-)

Norma - Thank you, Thank you.

Marion - Sounds like a nightmare. I hope you videotaped the meeting. As soon as people start lamenting their inability to maintain or loose, you could play it over and over.

Julie - My mouth and stomach do not understand the concept of sampling the other food without indulging. I am an overeater and food addict. I kept trying over and over to be a sampler. Heck, I'll even eat the Whitman Sampler. . . .