Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Allure of Food Advertisements

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Happiness is forty-five cent avocados After paying almost four bucks per gallon of gas, it was a joy to find avocado's at 45 cents a piece. Hass avocados: hard and not yet ready to eat. I can store them in the bottom of the fridge and take two out at a time.As they ripen, I can get the next out of cold storage and have my avocado perfectly ripe each day for the next few weeks. I bought 17 avocados. I eat about 2/3 of a fresh avocado about five times a week. I dice and freeze what remains from each avocado to be used in guacamole or fruit and protein smoothies when the avocados run out.

Avocado was not the only food at a good price this week. Fresh mushrooms were 75 cents a pint. Cucumbers, 50 cents a piece and quarts of fresh strawberries at $1.25. I stocked up with things I can use this week (cucs and mushrooms) and really stocked up on the foods that can be frozen (strawberries).

The variable cost of food is no excuse in keeping the pounds off. If I am willing to look around I can always find healthy and fresh food to fit any budget. I have to be willing to plan my food around the budget and what is available and not fixate on things I (insert whiny reading voice) want. Everything comes around eventually: Avocado's, cucumbers and strawberries this week, tomatoes, mango and cauliflower next.

I bypass the ads for anything processed and stick with the produce section of each sale ad. I do not need to know that potato chips and pints of Ben and Jerry are BOGO (buy one get one). I do not need to know that all creme cakes are discounted all week. I do not care that canned corn is 10 for $10. That is not what I eat today, tomorrow or in case of flood.

Do you allow the allure of a advertisement to change your plan of eating for the better or for the worse?



Norma said...

That is an AMAZING price for avocados; I get excited when they are 99 cents each. :)

I only check the supermarket flyer to see what's on sale for meat and vegetables (and household supplies). Other than that, it's pages and pages of cereal, candy, snacks, frozen pizza, pastries, and other stuff I haven't bought in years. Same with the Sunday paper coupons; they go straight into recycling because the stuff I eat doesn't have coupons. They could be giving away Cheetos and ice cream and Lean Cuisine and Special K for free, and I still wouldn't take'em.

Anonymous said...

I have a bad habit of not checking the sale ads. But, I do like to look for reduced meat that I can freeze for later. I have found some great deals there!

Unknown said...

I have a grocery store card. So if the product I want to buy is on sale, I will get the sale price even if I never look at the ad. So the ads go immediately into recycle.

:-) Marion

s said...

I have never been a ad cutter for shopping or groceries. What throws me off my goal is when I pass a brownie or cookie of some sort and I am hungry. I know never to grocery shop hungry, but sometimes it happens.

Caron said...

I mostly look for sales on produce, meat, paper products and detergent, eggs, milk and yogurt. This week I'm getting a 5 pound box of Cuties for $3.99, red bell peppers for $.33 each, 93% lean hamburger for $2.99 and apples for $.88 a pound. :)

Karen said...

Lack of avocados causes a major kerfuffle at my house.

Great price. I stopped clipping coupons when my daughter was young. Great move, since It's almost all crap food.

I will look for vegetables in season, meats on sale, berries in season or frozen, occasionally unsalted nuts and then oils and spices.

That's it! I don't go into the middle at all. Once, I had to get to the bathroom and I walked through the cereal aisle. It gave me the heebie-geebies. I looked down at the ground.

I vowed to always pick the cleaning aisle or the perimeter, unless I was completely desperate.

Enjoy your awesome avocados. Such a good food. Healthy fat, satiating, vitamins, helps other vitamins along their way.

Love it.

Zuupdesign said...
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