Saturday, March 30, 2013

Faith in Recovery

During a discussion of faith and religion, a woman once told me she felt 'a cut above' people who were not of a Christian faith because she had Christ in her life and they did not. She said "don't you think we are better off than they are, not having our faith . . . " The question so caught me off guard, I mumbled something about not knowing what to say and got off the subject. If she or anyone else posed that question to me today I would say "I feel sorry for people who feel that their faith gives them graces from which other people are excluded simply because God called to them with a different name, in a different place or at a different time." 

I believe in true faith. I do not believe there is only one true religion and all the rest are lacking. God gives us faith. Man gave us religion and we use it to distort our faith. 

In keeping the pounds off, I found a path to recovery from food addiction in a support group. I do not think that group as the market cornered on recovery but I do accept that it is a path I want to follow because I have faith it works and it does - for me, today. Others can find their recovery in the same way or somewhere else.  It does not take away from my recovery and it does not make theirs any less real or beautiful. 

Whether your recovery flows from the same support group, a derivative of it, a committed course of treatment with a therapist, clinic, commercial enterprise or standing naked in the backyard and rubbing your behind against an elm tree, the only thing that matters in recovering from an addiction is establishing recovery that is lasting and measurable to my mental and physical health. Oh, and spiritual health goes with that. 

Having true faith in recovery from food addiction for me means I do my part by sticking to my planned meals and trust the God of my understanding will take care of my wayward appetites. It is the most important thing I can do each day. It is the most beautiful example of faith I can give to myself or others. For me, it is faith in action.

May your faith sustain you during this week and always.



Unknown said...

I agree with you on all points. Everything we do is based on the individual and where they are at each time in their lives.

Vickie said...

faith in action

love those two words together - faith and action.

My faith was that I could do it. My action was I did it, which gave me faith.