Thursday, March 21, 2013

My Coffee Thoughts

Coffee Owl - My mom
would have liked this
Even when there are no coffee grounds in the cup,  no matter how well I stir the milk into my coffee, if I pause long enough before drinking it down, any coffee particles heavier than the water and milk will begin to settle to the bottom of the cup. If I keep stirring the cup, I will not be aware of the particles because they will be mixed in with the rest of the liquid.

In post-obesity maintenance the same is true when it comes to my acceptance and serenity. No matter how I am stirred up with everything else in my life, acceptance and serenity will always settle down and ground me if I take the time to pause and be aware they are there.

. . .and I drink decaf. Imagine what ridiculous and scary thoughts  I might come up with if I were drinking regular coffee.

Take time to pause and be aware today.



Vickie said...

good visual

Anonymous said...

That is a cool picture