Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sad, but I had to block the Anonymous

A few losers sad vipers without an integrity gene, intent on marketing their bullshit products in places where they have no business and no permission, have made it impossible to keep this blog open to real the readers and friends who wants to comment in anonymity.

Too many spamming messages have been getting in the past week so I have blocked anonymous posts. I am sorry to the genuine readers who occasionally comment with anonymity (including my dear mentor).

Registered users and those with open ID can still post. Otherwise, you can always email me privately, as many already do.



Jane Cartelli said...

My daughter suggests instead of blocking anonymous, I try moderating and approving all comments.

Any thoughts?

Jane Cartelli said...

I have already had (and deleted) a comment get through that was a marketing link post because they used a registered users ID, so even blocking anonymous is not perfect.

Unknown said...

Well u r right, but no every anonymous is spam, some reads ur post and then comment on it.