Monday, March 25, 2013

Travel Advisory

I will be traveling for the next eight days. Someone asked me if it was for business or pleasure. I asked for more categories. It is to assist an adult daughter who does not drive in moving. It is to visit with our (mine and husband's) siblings over Easter and it is so my husband can take a few days away from work. I will be working via computer a few hours a day, five of the days we are away.

There are things I need to remember no matter why I'm traveling:

I have to take care of myself first. If I allow a day spent in a different family dynamic to influence what I eat I am not taking care of myself. My food plan does not change because of the location, occasion or company. I know what I eat each day. I know how and where to get it and I know the amounts.

There is no excuse not to find a way to move each day, whether it is a walk around the neighborhood, using a hotel's fitness room or doing an indoor exercise routine in an apartment or home during a storm.

If anyone else has an issue with what I eat, when I eat or why I will not eat their food it is their issue, not mine. I can only be accountable for myself. Food prepared and offered because someone else has expectations that I will eat it is not my responsibility. If what and when I eat causes anyone else unhappiness it is not my side of the street to tend.

It is going to be a good week. I am bringing breakfast on the plane: banana, four hard boiled egg whites, one yolk (maybe) and a coconut-cashew Quest protein bar.

Safe, sane and healthy travels to everyone this holiday week!



Jane Cartelli said...

We had to get off plane due to oxygen leak. That was a good idea. Want to keep breathing. Do now we are awaiting alternative transportation. Lugage still on original plane sitting at gate. I am so glad I have my breakfast with carry on. This is just the kind of thing that triggers junk eating. Planning ahead is better than planning to fail.

Unknown said...

Take care of myself first - no excuses - their issue not mine.
Those are words to live by. Thank you. Rhonda

Unknown said...
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