Monday, April 8, 2013

Don't Bite the Phish

Got an email this weekend: There is a barrister (attorney, not bartender as my cousin read), from somewhere in Spain, named Jose. He wants me to contact him on a matter of money that he "holds for me" from an estate where I was named sole beneficiary. Don't let my northern European complexion and eyes fool you. I was stolen by gypsies at birth and  I am really rich Spanish Nobility! How much $$ do you think Jose will want in 'good faith' for transferring the estate to my bank account?

We know better - well, most of us do. These types of of emails are phishing for responses. People who respond are too naive to know that responding and giving the sender your financial information will lead to loss and pain - for you, not for Jose in Spain or Miali in the Congo or Bridie in Dublin.

I want to remember in keeping the pounds off I need to treat advertisers of new processed food products (especially desserts), free samples at food markets, food porn channels and gourmet catalogs the same way I treat Joe in Spain. i don't let him put the bite on me and I don't bite. They don't care what I do with the food, how a body responds; they only want me to bite so I'll buy. They want my money. It is my responsibility to recognize that they take my money and that the bite can eventually take my life. I can't bite. I have to steer clear.

I also have to laugh it off. Sometimes I forget to laugh. I get caught up in an attitude of 'how dare they have the audacity . . . . 'and 'let's burn the bastards at the stake.' Next time someone offers you a free sample, tell them 'Go Phish' and see how that makes you feel. I am giggling.

When I lighten up my attitude towards others I lighten up my load - in every possible way.



Norma said...

I saw the title to this post in another blogger's blogroll and assumed the post was going to be about Ben & Jerry's "phish food" ice cream... ;)

Jane Cartelli said...

Lol - If I were writing about Ben & Jerrys it would have to be not to bite ANY of the flavors, not just Phish.

Ice cream is such a trigger for me. I want to have that one cone on your birthday like you can. The last time I had one, I went back for three more and they were larger and with add-ins. I am such an addict.