Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I Will Even Take a Lie-Detector Test

ABCNEWS.COM reported this yesterday:
not my sticky fingers

Thieves Swipe 5 Tons of Nutella
The Associated Press Apr 8, 2013, 7:15 AM

These thieves might really have sticky fingers! Police said Monday an unknown number of culprits made off with 5 metric tons (5.5 tons) of "Nutella" chocolate-hazelnut spread from a parked trailer in the central German town of Bad Hersfeld over the weekend. The gooey loot is worth an estimated 16,000 euros ($20,710).

I can account for my whereabouts and I was never near the place! Even in a sugar-seeking rage where I was eating out of the container I never hijacked a trailer. When they do catch the culprit I hope they will get treatment for what must be one hell of a chocolate/sugar addiction.



Vickie said...

There was an ABC news story (last month I think) about the growing grocery heists. They said loads full of everything you can think of including milk. Can you imagine the logistics of stealing items that have to be refrigerated or frozen?

There was also a story of thieves stealing sap out of trees.

And just recent I read the (old, but new to me) story of the two moms who sued (and won) Nutella when they realized it was basically frosting and not healthy as implied by advertisements.

Jane Cartelli said...

I saw the sap story on TV two weeks ago. Seems stealing maple sap is big business. The Nutella moms are heros.

E. Jane said...

I have steered clear of Nutella, as I have not wanted to develop an addiction to another food. It seems to have all of the ingredients that I may really enjoy. As my mother-in-law would have said, "Don't borrow trouble." Sometimes she was a wise woman.

Vickie said...

If the Nutella moms had read the INGREDIENTS label, they would have saved themselves a lot of trouble.

If it has more than one ingredient have to read the label.

If you eat it, have to look up the numbers, regardless of number of ingredients.