Saturday, April 6, 2013

New Hair Cut and Style

I swear to God, if I ever have to shave my head, I am going to do something like this hairstyle.

I hope at that time I have young grandchildren who will think their grandma is the coolest woman on earth.

If I did it now, pre-grandchildren, my daughters will just pretend they do not know me. . . .

I have no idea what my husband will do but I am pretty sure it will involve signing involuntary commitment papers.



Tiffany said...


Unknown said...

I would like to do this too! That's if I had to shave my head. Hopefully I won't need to anytime soon. My grandsons would love it too.

Unknown said...

He looks like a fun person, if you met him in real life.

:-) Marion

Norma said...

I say do this anyway, just for the fun of it! It would look very Floridian. :)