Thursday, April 25, 2013

Obvious is Not Always Apparent

On Marion's Affection for Fitness Blog she talked about a Day at the Gym and a conversation with another gym member and seven obvious things about a situation with another person. This really spoke to me because some of these obvious points are sometimes invisible in my life and perhaps you will find the same holds true for you.

Here are the Seven Obvious Things and my comments:

1) Weight is not lost in the gym, it's lost in the kitchen. The easiest way to lose weight is--don't eat the doughnut--to immediately avoid 350 or more calories. Think about this: If you eat the amount that is perfect for your body to maintain an ideal weight and do nothing else but live your life, you will lose weight. If you have a body that does not respond as well then you really need to avoid eating the doughnut, period.

2) The cardio machines are the biggest liars ever. Pudgy people tell me that they worked off 1200 calories in a workout, so why do they stay pudgy? Because, I repeat, cardio machines are the biggest liars ever. Those people probably burned off about 250 calories for a 1 hour cardio workout, not 1200 calories the cardio machines say. I write about this occasionally and when I mentor people I tell them to to never track the calorie burns as a way to eat more. Machines lie, books lie. besides, as it says in #1: Weight is not lost in the gym, it's lost in the kitchen. The easiest way to lose weight is--don't eat the doughnut--to immediately avoid 350 or more calories.

Brought to you by a city in one of
the most obese states in the country
3) When people believe that they burned off so many calories, they go eat more, thinking that they can eat an extra 1200 calories--that they never burned off in the first place. Many people who go to the gym actually get fatter for this reason. Yep, been there, done that. I track my minutes exercising and what I am doing. I do not track calories so I can eat more. It doesn't work. As it says in #2 cardio machines are the biggest liars ever. 

4) This woman was mainly doing cardio. Cardio doesn't sculpt body shape very much. Weightlifting, yoga, and pilates are much better for getting a better body shape. I know this and yet I forget it sometimes. I have been slacking off on my weight bearing exercises and yoga and I see that is not good for my body shape so add more workouts without paying attention to the form of those workouts. Aerobics, while essential to the big picture, does nothing for the little parts. 

There is nothing, NOTHING better
to invest in than your health:
physical and emotional
5) This woman wanted to see progress in too short of time. She was not willing to invest her thoughts/intelligence and her soul into her fitness. (M. likes how I invest my soul into my fitness.) She wanted a get-slim-in-90-days sort of result, which never works. I am ten years into keeping the pounds off (starting back to the first pound gone) and I know that the only things that have worked all these years are things that required and received my physical and  mental commitment and the investment of my soul. Anything I did half way did not work. 

6) She was not "receptive" to fixing her faulty fitness formula. She was too resistant to good advice that would have helped her. I have to have an open mind, an awareness that I do not have all the answers and a willingness to be taught. The best thing I was ever receptive to is this: I cannot do this alone. 

I can and I will keep laughing
until my ass is off! 
7) Simply enjoy the workout itself--it's fun! Having fun actually helps a person get better fitness results. If a workout causes real physical pain, it is not the right workout for me today. I am asthmatic and cannot run in weather that is not optimal - low humidity, middle temps, non-pollen season. If a workout is going to cause me a trip to an ER is the not going to be fun. I can walk - no matter what the temp or humidity or where I am. I treadmill while watching DVDs. I do find it fun - or I wouldn't do it. But no matter what, I have to something and sometimes my job is to find a way to make it more enjoyable.

Do you have some obvious points you sometimes forget?



Norma said...

Marion rocks. All these points and your personal observations about them are the common sense nuggets that people usually push aside when shiny things like body monitors and phone apps and (slap me) COUNTING POINTS! and Dr. Oz (whose promises are about as valid as the Wizard of Oz's) dangle in front of them like the proverbial carrot.

Vickie said...

I had read that post also. I am actually back reading Marion's archives. Very good posts all the way.

I said the other day - activity points (and free food and 'eat anything you want in moderation') are a huge mistake many people are encouraged to make.

Not only do people not burn as much as they think they are, but there is this whole level of thinking anything that gets them off the couch is exercise. Most of that stuff is just normal daily life, not exercise. I think of that as the 'waving one's pinky in the air and then going to eat more food' thing.

I have consistently been doing pilates, free weights, yoga, weight bearing work, in various combinations since I started. And my body has continued to change/improve because of it. I have a very regular schedule and that is how I get it done - certain things on certain days, so at the end of the week, I have hit it all. It has served me well.

Very good post.

Unknown said...

Hi Jane! Actually, I like how you blogged this *a lot better* than my more mumbling version of it. Your comments are smartly funny to me because they are so ultra logical. It just kills me about all the stupid stuff that people believe that makes them want to give up.

:-) Marion

Gee, thanks! to Vickie and Norma for their nice comments about me and my blog.