Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Concept of Take It Or Leave It

Vickie wrote a post on her blog the other day and it got me thinking about my husband and pizza in a totally different direction.

The record is fine,
my mind is warped

If my husband wants pizza and  calls for delivery but finds out they do not have a delivery person that day, he might think about going to get it but what usually happens is he decides against it and just eats something that is already in the house. He is quite competent in the kitchen and can cook his own meals. He can just let go of the idea of pizza that day without major drama.

As a food addict, if I crave pizza and give in to that urge and make the decision to pick up the phone, I have set the course in motion and I am going to have pizza. If they do not have delivery at that time, I know other places to call. Hell, I will get dressed and go out to get it . One large pizza, extra cheese,  please. This is New York style, not pizza-smut or other national brands. A large is LARGE. Still, when I am done, there will not be leftovers; I might throw out a quarter of the crust but every bit of cheese will be gone. I won't be sharing.  It won't be pretty. If I am sharing with someone else in the house (damn them for being home when I want to eat pizza!) I also order a calzone and perhaps a hot sandwich so there will be other food to share if I want more. That is an accurate description when this addict gets into her addiction. (Thank God, not today). I have a physical and mental addiction to items with sugar and items rich in fat. plus a few bonus foods to really seal my diagnosis. 

We don't often drink beer. Beer has
gone bad in our house, just sitting,
waiting for someone to drink it. 

I knew a practicing alcoholic who only drank beer. If he wanted a beer and somehow, there is no beer in his house, he went out and got it, no matter what time it was or what else he had to do. His craving is the same as my craving. I just craved  a different substance. 

My husband is someone who does not crave like an addict. If pizza and ice cream are in the house and available to him, he will eat them. If they are not there, he does not care. A thought to have ice cream tonight does not translate into MUST HAVE ICE CREAM TONIGHT. If I want pizza and decide I am going to have it, I am beyond return and nothing will easily sway me whereas my husband can take it or leave it.  I use to claim I could take it or leave 'it', too. I rarely left anything. 

Can you take it or leave it - and do you really leave it?



Mary Ellen Quigley said...

I'm a little of both I think. I conciously do not buy certain foods because I can't resist them. Ice cream is one of them. If it was in the house, I would eat it. I would eat the ENTIRE carton! If it wasn't in the house, I would go out and buy some. I guess I was an ice cream addict. It took a while, but now I am at the point where if it isn't in my home, I can reist. It takes practice to get to that point.

Vickie said...

If I stay away from all of IT, then I am fine. If I eat one thing (salt, or sugar, or fat) then I crave the other two. It is a loop.

Unknown said...

This is pretty embarrassing, but I'd eat expired food in the pantry if I felt enough cravings for it. But, no, I don't get in the car to drive to get myself food. I just eat a poor substitute.

What I usually do to stop this nonsense is to not get cravings in the first place. Then, if I do get a craving, I have a well-developed plan for that. Like eating boiled egg whites. At my worst, lately, it's a big bowl of oatmeal. The longer I stay away from the crap in the pantry, the crappier it seems to look.

:-) Marion

Anonymous said...

I seem to be out of the ballpark of most over eaters in that I have a serious addiction, that you perhaps can somehow relate to.

Not only would I eat all the pizza and go out desperately seeking more. I would then purge repeatedly until my throat bled and my face was bloated and swollen . Then I'd repeat the same scenario.

I've reached my goal weight without purging and am looking good and am extremely fit and then I resort to previous addictive behaviour.

I'm trying to work it out mentally. Before I lost weight and worked out if I just overate all the time, purging was never an issue as I felt no need to do it.

It is such a lonely, hard journey.

tucking_fwit said...
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