Friday, April 19, 2013

What does your choice of cupcake say about you? Warning: Photo

Look and this photo and answer the question below:

If you could choose just one of the cupcakes above, which would you choose?
Answers in white/my thoughts on your choice in red

A. The one that looks the biggest and has the most icing (You are honest and aware. I think you should avoid the cupcakes completely)

B. Both grouchy old men. Their cupcakes look smaller than the others so I should get both (You are in denial on portion sizes and have entitlement issues. Step away from the cupcakes and seek help). 

C. What do you mean just one? (Come back! Where are you going with that box of cupcakes?)

D. They are adorable but I have an addiction to sugar so no thank you. (You are my hero today). 

Just because something is visually appealing and damn cute does not mean I can/should/must eat it. I have often regretted eating things that appealed to my vision but where not so appealing in my mouth. (I hear some of you snickering). That does not mean I stopped after the first bite. No, I usually finished what I started.

I am grateful to be in a better mindset today. Do you ever feel you have to eat something just because it looks amazing? Does it help you to remember feelings are not facts?



Unknown said...

Just looking at the cupcakes got my saliva flowing. I was thinking before I read your post that I would select "Snuffy" because I loved him when my daughter watched the show. Then I thought I should have picked "Miss Piggy " because that how I felt looking at the cupcakes.

I have given up sugar, so I would just walk away. I don't have to chose one because they are offered.

Unknown said...

I've never even gone to our cupcake shops. And I hardly ever bake desserts anymore. I did consider buying a very cute enamel cupcake necklace, but my teen daughter says, You wearing that doesn't even make sense." So I didn't.

:-) Marion

Vickie said...

have to eat it because I started it

have to eat it because it looks so good

have to eat it because planned it (that carrying through thing you mentioned the other day)

have to eat it because someone else made it

have to eat it because of occasion (they are endless)

have to eat it because it is there

have to eat it because it is rarely available

All of that is involving a 2nd or 3rd party/thing.

good post.

cupcakes did not look appealing, frosting looked nauseating.

FredT said...

none: sugar is all forms is poisonous. Once I learned that, I had no more issues eating sugar.

Mary Ellen Quigley said...

I work in an office where people constantly bring in sweets. I'm glad to say I could pass these up. If it was ice cream, not so much.

Karen said...

Old me answer A.

Current me answer D.

Ditto Vickie- except the frosting was a huge binge item for me.

I distinctly remember telling myself in April 2011 , about 2 years ago- well, I'm 45 and I've tasted all the cupcakes/frosting I've ever need to taste, now I need to live a different life and taste regular food. In my mind's eye, I could see not celebrating birthday's with cake.

I made it so.

Jane Cartelli said...

I identify with Mary Ellen's comment on ice cream.It is very hard for me to say no to ice cream. I have learned the hard way.

Jane Cartelli said...

Attitude is everything. When we change your attitude we change our behaviors. We change our lives!