Sunday, April 21, 2013

What Would Your Warning Be?

On every package of cigarettes there is a warning label. There are warning labels on each bottle of liquor. In casinos there are warnings about gambling addiction that include the number for a help-line, usually Gamblers Anonymous. What if we added warning boxes to every package in the junk food aisle of the supermarket? Every candy bar at the gas station and on billboards outside rows of fast food chains?  How about delivery boxes and take-out menus. No, it will not save the world but it would give some people pause.

Pick a food and decide what warning you think should be on it. The sentence below is the warning I want to see on the outside of every single Promises chocolate candy. That is the brand that has a cutesy'promise' message printed inside the foil wrap of each candy, 'promising' love and acceptance with each melt-in-your-mouth piece.
"If I am feeling hurt and rejected I remind myself that feelings are not facts and food is not the answer."
That is the warning I want to see. What would your warning be?



Karen said...

One or more of the following:

Skull and cross bones

The answer is not in here.

"This food product has been known to cause obesity, diabetes, and chronic health conditions"

Obese stick figure.

Circle with a line through it (cross out).

I think labeling would be effective for some people. I used to picture a cookie or doughnut with the label Diabetes slapped on it, when I was getting food sober. That helped a lot.

Good post.

Unknown said...

How about "You're a stupid shit for squandering your health on this horrible tasting junk food."

:-) Marion

Jane Cartelli said...

How about "Eat this and you might not be able to walk your daughter down the aisle at her wedding.