Monday, May 6, 2013

Diets Over Time

Here is a sampling of diets I tried or considered over the years. I make no representation as to the effectiveness and safety of any diet listed here. In some cases I added the year I used each plan.

The C Food (See Food) Diet: You see food and you eat it. It does not have a good track record. I think it is the first thing people get wrong in intuitive eating. Seeing food and wanting it does not mean you intuitively need it for your body.

The Flu Plan - 1978:
Get the flu and be sick for 10-14 days. Lose 15 pounds as your kick start and then eat the following every single weekday:
Bkfst: 1 freshly baked chocolate chip cookie and a coffee with half and half. Nothing else till dinner. On weekends I skipped breakfast completely
Dinner: Either 2 lettuce leaves with 3 oz of tuna in water drizzled with 2 tbs diet 1000 island dressing OR 1 can of New England clam chowder made with 2% milk. That is all you get until you lose 50 pounds total in about three months. Then you fight the regain for two years until you gain it all back plus 20 more. I followed this plan when I was a teenager. That is why I would never want to be a teenager again. Teens are crazy.

Jesus and His Mother Diet: 1994, courtesy of a relative who found it at the St Alyoishis Convent in New York State. The idea was that every time you wanted to overeat you stop and have a cup of tea with Jesus and His Mother. It worked for about three days and then I started having muffins and jam with whoever wanted to come to tea. Then I decided that the Virgin Mary was a coffee drinker and she liked heavy cream.

Free Food Diet: You can eat everything you want and as much of it as you want - as long as it has zero calories or burns more calories to eat and digest than in contains. Basically this diet consists of raw celery, diet soda, Sweet n Low packets, and lemon slices. I never tried it Let me know how you did. . . .

What would Satan Eat Diet: You can eat anything that has been doused in super hot sauce or covered in Habenero peppers. This includes chocolate. You will not be able to leave the house for awhile. Also, if you overeat you will have ulcers in your mouth from the capsaicin in the peppers. I have not tried this diet. Any takers?

Atkins: Did this in 2003. Lost lots of weight eating whole milk products, bacon, whole eggs, cream cheese, beef, pork and chicken. Lost about 70 pounds. When I cut myself and bled heavy cream I knew it was time to find another diet. So I switched to

The South Beach Diet 2004. Don't remember much about this idea except that it included berries, veggies and South Beach Bars along with lots of the high fat food of the Atkins plan. I started having gastrointestinal problems and thought I had stomach cancer - that's how sick I felt. Endoscopy and other tests came back negative. I had to go off the diet to get well and I did, but that is when I discovered the way to eat that led me to loose and keep off 200 pounds.

How I lost my weight: Healthy whole foods, no corn sugars, very, very little processed food and lots of water coupled with keeping my protein intake around 130 grams a day, carbs under 120 grams a day and fats under 40 grams a day. Lately I have been thinking I need to take this plan to a licensed dietician and a couple of doctors to make sure I am not giving myself future grief for my kidneys with this level of protein for seven years and counting. It has worked for me but I do not know if it will work for years and years.

My next diet, when I am old, gray and forgetful is this:

The Geriatric's Diet: What's a diet? Pass the cookies.

Did you try or invent any crazy diets along the way?



Norma said...

LOLd at tea with Jesus and Mary...and bleeding heavy cream. Oh, Jane... ;)

As a kid I remember getting a much-photocopied sheet of paper with the "Lose 10 Pounds in 3 Days" diet. As I recall it consisted of hot dogs, grapefruit, and cabbage. Even my tiny, scale-obsessed mother didn't think it was a good idea.

I really never dieted. The previous three times in my life I lost significant amounts of weight (20 lbs when I was 12, 30 lbs when I was 17, 50 lbs when I was 23) I just did it by cutting back on the obvious junk food and exercising a lot, but I had no concept of "clean eating" or macros or anything. I was able to do the "moderation" thing -- eat a slice of pizza and some salad and a diet soda instead of three slices of pizza, mozzarella sticks, and a cookie. Each of those losses were only maintained for three to nine months, however; and each resulted in a complete regain + more.

When I did it once and for all at age 38, I guess I knew it had to be a different and more permanent approach. A lot of foods had to be completely eliminated, probably forever. And here we are, five years into maintenance as of this month ( yay, me ): lesson learned.

Unknown said...

Hi Jane! Well, I remember: 1) heavy carbs diet; 2) diet with many sugar-free foods in it; 3) eat 6 meals a day diet; 4) heavy protein diet with protein shakes; 5) Combos of the above--meaning I ate everything at any time I wanted to. :D

:-) Marion

Christina said...

I have always been a HUGE ( supporter of the "C Food" Diet. Yeah, hasn't worked out so well for me.

I also tried the "Kids" Diet. Get yourself so frazzled by cooking the meals for the kids that you only eat whatever is left on their plates. It worked until I turned into a grilled cheese sandwich. ;)

New Follower!

Losing The Rolls said...

The Jesus and his mother diet is hilarious. I've tried most of the diets out there and failed. My mother keeps asking me "why don't you try that weight loss surgery thing." Now I will try to eat clean, whole foods and eliminate the grains, sugars and processed foods. Hopefully, I can have success like you.

Jane Cartelli said...

Christina - Welcome! LOL I forgot about the Kids diet. I did that at one point: mac and cheese, turkey hot dogs and pasta. OMG, it is a wonder anyone in our family is still alive.

Losing the Rolls: I started slowly by removing EVERYTHING that had any kind of corn sweetener it it. Yes, I still had sugar but I had to learn to walk before I could run. Small steps add up. It does work.

Norma said...

Jane -- re: your protein concern. If you're drinking 100+ ounces of H2O/day, it shouldn't be a problem (assuming your kidneys aren't compromised from any other issues). When I started concentrating on protein, I noticed within about 6 or 7 days that I had discomfort and smelly pee -- because, at the time, I used to have coffee in the morning, maybe a 16 oz bottle of H2O during my workout, and no other liquids, sometimes all day until tea after dinner. I did have elevated BUN levels at my check-up then as well. When I finally woke up and started properly hydrating and again jacked up my protein intake, the water keeps the kidneys flushing out and I've had no symptoms since. I mean, ask about it -- but it's a part of any routine CBC so if you're getting regular physicals/blood draws anyway, it would be noted if your kidneys were not keeping up.

Jane Cartelli said...

Thanks Norma - I am flush with H2O all day long. I do have about 100 oz a day.

Jane Cartelli said...

Thanks Norma - I am flush with H2O all day long. I do have about 100 oz a day.

Vickie said...

Are just counting certain kinds of carbs? Or are you saying that including fruit and green type veggies, your daily carb consumption is 20g ?

Jane Cartelli said...

Ugh! 120 carbs. Thank you for catching that typo Vickie! I do count all carbs and I do not subtract for the fiber.

Norma - My math is off. I have about 92 oz of water a day.

Vickie said...

At least you know I read carefully!

that is the link for the hydration calculator. I didn't know your stats so did not calculate for you. The questions will amuse you.

I have known weight lifters (pushing mass amounts of protein) who have gotten themselves into kidney issues. But as Norma said - I have no idea what their water intake was. And it is possible they were not even drinking water.

Without knowing your fiber,
your percentages come out at
41% carbs
45% protein
14% fat

assuming 30g of fiber,
the numbers change to
35% carbs
50% protein
15% fat

You will be very fortunate if you find a regular nutritionist who gets your question. If you have access to a sports type nutritionist, they will be more help.

Jane Cartelli said...

Thank you for this information, Vickie.