Friday, May 10, 2013

Is it a Funny Friday?

Heard something while I was out this morning and could not wait to get back to the computer because I wanted to post it here. Then, after I wrote it down and looked at it, I realized it was okay, but not really worth the effort. It wasn't really that funny. I deleted it.

This is not what I heard. I was looking
for a clip art to add to the post and this
popped up when I typed in "Funny Friday"
Impulsive Eating is just like that only instead of hearing a food, I see it,  want it and cannot wait to get it into my mouth. If I can pause enough to look at it I can get the presence of mind to think about it and realize it is not worth the effort. If it is something already in my body I often realize it wasn't really that good, certainly not good enough for the consequences of the impulse. Wouldn't it be great to be able to stand back and objectively delete.

So far today I have worked out, accompanied my husband to a doctor's appointment (good news there),  prepared dinner for two nights (yes, at 10:30 am) and gone food shopping. I am going out with my daughter this evening to see David Tutera. She is also taking me out to dinner at a good seafood place. I am thinking crab and red snapper or crab and scallops. Or maybe crab and crab. For the sides I am having double green beans.

I do not know how funny today will be but I am looking forward to enjoying the day, on plan, with the companionship of my daughter and perhaps even winning some prizes at the event - all while keeping the pounds off for another day. That is better than funny.

How do you delete?




Vickie said...

When her kids were little, I had a friend who got up and while the kids were eating breakfast on Monday morning, she made dinner for that night, with enough to eat the same thing on Wednesday. She did the same thing Tuesday morning to cover Tuesday and Thursday dinners. She said then, no matter what happened the rest of those days, dinner was done. I think they always went to her mom and dad's on Sunday for dinner. I can't remember about Friday and Saturday, two of her kids are now in grad school, one in college, it was a long time ago.

I have another friend, who whenever she thinks of eating something she did not plan, sets the timer on her stove for 30 minutes. That is her thinking time.

Anonymous said...

You know how I delete? I check my favorite bloggers. This is usually my first stop. And tonight, I had just convinced myself that herbal tea would be way better for my throat than any additional food. And then settled in to see you had any additional wisdom to cement my choice. Indeed you did.

Thanks again Jane. I am so grateful for your thoughtful posts.


Jane Cartelli said...

Vickie - Thinking time has to be the most useful tool in any kitchen. Good share.

Anonymous - Hugs to you, too.