Thursday, May 2, 2013

May 1st: No Maybe, I Need to Respect My Limits

On the morning of Wednesday, May 1st, I did 45 minutes on the resistance equipment, walked/ran/climbed 45 minutes on the treadmill, had 10 minutes of simple yoga and in the afternoon I did a 50 minute power walk in a steady rain.
No way in hell could
this be me. 

One of these things is not like the other
One of these things doesn't belong
Can you guess which thing is not like the other
Before I take Aleve and finish this song?

It was the yoga. My right knee is risky and my left knee is shot. Try as I might, (and desperately want) I cannot stretch and bend my legs the way I did when I was seventeen.

For those who don't know my knee history: My left knee has torn meniscus on three sides, cartilage worn down to very little, arthritis, some floaters and bone on bone where my knee cap slides. I am blessedly lucky to be in very little pain most of the time. I know my limits. Sometimes I do not respect them and I push to do what I want to do. It is just like knowing my food limits and pushing to have something beyond what is good for my body. That happens when I forget to respect the limits.

Keeping the pounds off is more than respecting the food limits. There are physical limits, too. The limits are here for my own good. These limits are not set to hinder my happiness or force me into a sedentary lifestyle. A limit in one area means I need to concentrate on activities that will enhance my life in other ways.

My orthopedic doctor said I should not let anyone talk me into knee surgery for at least 10 more years. She said the advancements they are making will keep improving every few years and in the meantime the exercises to strengthen the muscles all around the knee are the second best thing I can do for my body. She said the first best thing is to lose another 20 pounds.

Despite that, I still like her.



Unknown said...

Hi Jane! I have a bum knee that I rehabbed with balancing poses of yoga. It feels perfect and strong, though it probably was never quite as bad as yours is in the first place.

I think your Dr. is right about putting off surgery if you can. That sounds intelligent for the reasoning you explain.

Losing more weight? I hate when people say that to me!


Vickie said...

what kind of yoga are you doing? What poses are getting you?

E. Jane said...

I also have a torn meniscus, and I have to limit my activities. I have also been advised not to have surgery at this point. I'm also interestedin what kind of yoga you are doing.

Jane Cartelli said...

E. Jane - I hope you see this (and if not, Please Vickie, pass this on). I cannot get into your blog to read it anymore. It keeps saying I am not an invited reader. I always have so I think it is a blogger issue but just in case- help.

Jane Cartelli said...

Marion - Yeah! You know what else I hate? I hate it when people ask if I have lost more weight because they think I have, when it fact I was up 10 pounds from the last time those particular people saw me. I don't fault them for asking - I just hate being reminded!

Jane Cartelli said...

Vickie - anything requiring bending the knee completely is hell. Child's pose is okay. Bound Angle is so-so. Sitting fully on the calves -no.

Half and full lotus - no.
seated forward bend and wide angle seating forward bend are getting better and better but the left knee is feeling it from the back even in those stretches and positions.

I have never been one to get deep into yoga, I was just trying to re-live my youth when I lost weight as a teen and could do anything. I even did uneven parallel bars a bit when I was 17. Those were the days.

Lisa said...

Sorry to hear about your issues. I'm going through something similar. Knee issues since October. I remember just a few years ago I felt invincible--like I could do ANYTHING. I'm slowly learning my physical limitations. It's hard and sometimes depressing!

Vickie said...

I just this minute saw your replies.

In my opinion no one should be doing half or full lotus. Just because I can, does not mean I do. Asking for trouble.

Many people in my classes sit on two blocks instead of calves. Raises bottom so knee is not nearly so intensely bent. All weight is on butt.

One of my instructors has people with knee issues put a rolled towel under knees whenever legs are straight so knees are never locked.

Vickie said...

Did you get back in E. Jane's blog?