Thursday, May 30, 2013

My (Sigh) Attica

No, I do not mean the prison. But it was something that sounds like Attica and felt like I was imprisoned in a body doomed to pain.

I mean Sciatica of course; that nasty nerve that runs down from the hip through the thigh and down the leg. If you have ever carried a pregnancy you are probably very well acquainted with your sciatic nerve.

It bothered me when I was pregnant, when I sat too long in the wrong chair and when I bent over the wrong way. It bothered me at 385 pounds, 300 pounds, 250 pounds.

It just occurred to me that I have not had any pain from my sciatic nerve since I lost the first 150 pounds and started exercising my core. It used to bother me recurrently when I worked for hours and hours at my desk. Putting so much pressure on my back and the back of my legs for hours gave me sciatica frequently. Sometimes I would strain my back doing whatever and that would also trigger sciatica. By whatever I mean anything from tying my own shoes to sneezing while standing.

Anytime I strained my back post weight loss, I did not have sciatica. I have not had it since 2007. Back in the 1980's a doctor told me I needed a back brace and surgery. In 2000 a doctor told me I had arthritis in my spine and should consider fusion. It seems all I really needed was to lose weight and exercise just enough to get everything lubed and limber.

I just recognized this blessing. I sigh and say with great sincerity that I am very grateful not to have recurrent sciatica anymore. I am on parole  - as long as I do not return to my prior behaviors.



Vickie said...

I have a lot of secondary conditions that went away with weight loss. And every single one of them is worth the effort it took to get off all the weight off and maintain. Each one individually.

Kari said...

Thank you for this great reminder to remember how far we've come. :)

Karen said...

Glad the list of "positives" is out weighing the list of "negatives" easy to forget sometimes.

Keep up the good work. :)

Norma said...

Jane, sciatic pain is one of those things that, like migraines and kidney stones, I've gone almost 44 years without experiencing -- and from others' tales of experiencing any of them, I can only hope I never do! My big secondary symptom when I was obese was chronic insomnia. I'd hit the hay exhausted and fall right to sleep, but probably 4 to 5 nights a week, I'd wake up at 1AM or so, be wide awake for three to four hours, then start dozing off right about when the kids woke up and that was NOT good. I've probably had only 10 instances of insomnia during my five years of maintenance, and they can all be directly tied to worrying about some problem or concerning thing in my life at the time, or having had coffee after dinner or something like that. It's almost impossible to explain to someone all the little ways I just FEEL BETTER all around and how much easier life is without all that extra weight on me.

Jane Cartelli said...

Karen - It sure is. That is why I have to constantly practice an attitude of gratitude. I can easily kill myself with negatives.

Norma - Insomnia is the one thing I only had while pregnant. I would so hate to have it now. I am glad it was something you can see improved with maintenance.

Unknown said...

Hi Jane! I think that doctors are too fast to recommend surgeries and fusions. Many times, people should be bluntly told the alternative of--get your health together so that you can avoid these problems, which is what you are doing.

:-) Marion