Monday, May 13, 2013

Susceptible Tandying

I commented on another blog the other day and the 'word verification' instead of a nonsense combination of letters, I had to type in  Susceptible Tandying. 

sus·cep·ti·ble   (adj.)
1. Easily influenced or affected.
2. Likely to be affected.
3. Especially sensitive; highly impressionable.
4. Permitting an action to be performed; capable of undergoing.

"Tandying" is not a word in the English language Dictionary. The only reference that comes up is in relation to Jessica Tandy (actress).  I liked the work of this actress. She could make you believe she was really the characters she portrayed. Therefore, I have decided to make "Tandying" a word that means "Successfully maintaining an illusion."

This means that Susceptible Tandying according to my genius mind spare time spent thinking this up, will mean:
Easily influenced or affected by anyone/anything successfully maintaining an illusion
Why did I bother making this up? I had a few spare minutes.

Susceptible Tandying is when we believe the notion that the fruit in a pie makes it a health food because someone else tells us so. It is when we believe one serving of something that has always negatively affected us will be 'ok' this time because some famous charleton guru paid spokesperson says so. It is when we believe that using a device 10 minutes a day will make us look exactly like (insert the person who has your ideal body type).

It is when I believe the lies I tell myself in order to justify making a poor choice.

These choices are not always about food, weight and keeping the pounds off. Peer influences, 'mob mentality' and  seeking to find acceptance with people, places and things  I might see as the 'fun crowd' can cause me to sway from my own true self and adapt to these influences in order to belong. I am not always aware when I am being influenced in a way that is negative to my life.  It is Susceptible Tandying behavior.

 For many years during my weight loss process I concentrated only on putting down the food and picking up light and happy thoughts without working on the Me that lay buried under the remnants of my food and fat mask. Uncovered and under-developed, I sought to pull a veil over raw Me rather than risk the pain of exposure.

Today, as a result to putting the excess food aside I am facing what comes up. I have stopped pushing it aside in favor of jumping on the hip bandwagon and cracking the whip on someone else. The process of facing and owning my character defects is excruciating at times - but then again, so was living as a morbidly obese woman. 



Unknown said...

Hi Jane! Oh, I just hate when someone tells me something about a new kind of berry that is supposed to help a person lose weight. There is no easy fix--and the funniest part is that when I realized that, it all got a whole lot easier. :D

:-) Marion

Jane Cartelli said...

Very true Marion. It is easier with acceptance. That does not mean I do not still keep an ear tuned into hearing about the newest fads out there. Occasionally I find one that has just a modicum of sense and I can add a piece of it to my bag of tricks.

That is how I got into greek yogurt and yes, a few berries. LOL