Sunday, June 9, 2013

Do You Have The Passion?

My work takes me into the Florida theme parks every week of the year - usually several times each week. I love my career. I have a passion for it. It will never make me wealthy but it is always satisfying and thus, nurtures my soul.

Have you heard what the weather is like in Florida in the summer and what the crowds are like at the happiest theme parks on earth during this time. Not always a pretty picture.

Someone (hugs to you my dear friend) who knows was this whole we has been like for me, emailed me and asked me how work was today and how the parks were.

My reply:
Today Disney was like great sex: Steamy, hot, wet, noisy and crowded! Plus, I had warm afterglow from the appreciation I received in response to my efforts. 

You have to love a job that you can liken to great sex. It is passion with a purpose.

I like to believe that my passion for keeping the pounds off is passion with a purpose. Sometimes I lose that feeling of passion and sometimes I misplace the purpose under the daily grind and the influences of salted caramel gelato. I want to have the same passion in my recovery from my eating disorder that I do for my work. I want to be blazingly on fire.

Do you have that passion? If you do, will you share it here with me - that I may wrap myself in your embrace and reconnect with the passion inside of me?



dsue said...

a passion to keep the lbs off is the eating disorder. a passion to eat salted caramel gelato to make it all better is the eating disorder. a passion to be the truest bestest and most authentic jane there is? that is recovery. no matter your weight or how gray the hair....if you could love yourself with the passion you feel for your job I think you would find that food just becomes food..not something to punish ourselves with.

Unknown said...

Ah, I can't say I have passion for my work right now. Many of our clients have extremely difficult personalities, and I often leave work just wiped out. But passion about life? I love my life, and so many little details about it.

:-) Marion

Norma said...

I do not think that a passion for taking the actions to maintain your weight loss is "the eating disorder." Keeping oneself physically healthy = keeping oneself emotionally healthy, particularly after a long period (or a liftetime) of UN-healthiness that was followed by the gift, to oneself, of a new life.

Anonymous said...

Do you ever break your eating rules by overeating significantly for a day or two? I've reached goal (just below actually) and am very lean as you appear to be. My problem is I'm bored with the whole issue and starting to overeat at times ..and NOT CARING. In my mind I want to keep the weight, clothes, fitness blah blah blah etc. But I can't help the incredible boredom I feel as well as finding my life much the same in other ways.

Can you advise please?

Anonymous said...

Hi Jane! Heather from Texas it's been awhile. I do have that passion. I had it when I dragged my but over to the fitness room in my Apt. complex this morning. As a professional couch potato, professional orderer of chinese food and movie buff, this amazes me. You have inspired me with your passion ever since I heard you on the Half Size Me Podcast. You are strong , and I admire what you have accomplished.

Jane Cartelli said...

Dr Sue and Norma - your replies to this post are the subject to my post later today entitled Passion Part Two.

Jane Cartelli said...

Anonymous - Hell yes! I am far, far from the straight arrow I wish I could be. I sometimes get into the foods and stay lost there for a couple of days, even a week. The longer I stay there, the worse my body feels and the sicker my brain gets. The work is to get back up and out of there as quickly as possible and not think that it is ever a save haven in which to find a release from the repetitive necessity required for keeping the pounds off. No one who has lost their weight and is keeping it off AND knows the pain of re-gain has ever tried to tell me it is okay to stay in the food and have some fun for awhile. They encourage me to get back to the steps that help me maintain. When I reached the not caring stage I had to reach for extra help, not extra servings of food. I do not know who you are but please reach out for help from people who are not going to coddle you into gaining weight again. There is nothing healthy or helpful in gaining weight today, unless you are underweight, of course and even then, it should be done with healthy food and not doughnuts.

Jane Cartelli said...

Dear Heather from TX - I have missed you! How are you doing today? Can I help you in any way?