Friday, June 28, 2013

KNEE-D to Get a Grip

I hate that the damage I did to my body at 385 lbs continues to plague me and will always plague me as long as I have this body. Oh well. The alternative is death. I'll take the plague. Today I refer to the damage to my left knee. I have blogged about the damage before. I will not bore you with a rehash. You can look at my post from May.

I have been very careful with my knee time yet it is still bothering me almost daily. I usually do not take any OTC or other pain meds for it because the being aware of the pain helps me not to overuse or misuse my knee. This cuts back on my exercise - even walking ~and I resent it.

Today I am taking the OTC meds just so I can walk (slowly) for an hour. I need to move. I can't sit all day. I had to refrain from my Curves workout all week. I had to stay off the treadmill. Strangely enough, staircases do not cause any problem. I wish I had a stairmaster.

As someone who often took the elevator to go up ONE floor, I never thought the words "I wish I had a stairmaster" would come out of my mouth.



Unknown said...

Hi Jane! I feel bad for you!

In 2007, I overtrained my crap knee until I had to quit doing cardio, which was just walking or elliptical for a couple of months. It hurt like crazy, and it was swollen.

I rehabbed it with the balancing yoga poses. And now, I protect it by not doing as much cardio. Honestly, I don't think certain knees should be doing so much cardio, including my knee.

I hope some TLC to your knee makes it feel a little better.

:-) Marion

Chip Paulson said...

There are ways of fixing these things... look into HGH therapy.

Vickie said...

Do you have access to pool to swim laps?

I lucked out (knock on wood) with my knees so far because they were very bad.

I am trying to remember if you have done PT with yours? I am thinking I remember that you did. Major quad strengthening and alignment work?

It was one year ago this next week (I think) that power was out with storms across Midwest all the way to east coast. I think you were trying to get home to Florida (maybe from NY) and my oldest and I were on our way east, appt hunting.