Thursday, June 13, 2013

Warning: Occasional Penis . . .

There was a video yesterday about a naked man in the San Fran BART subway system who was obviously insane, off his meds, ate too much sugar, in distress. He did some pretty scary things and needs jail/commitment but he also did some pretty cool gymnastic moves. The buzzfeed tag for this reads: Warning! Occasional Penis.

I had to link to the video for you all because, seriously, how can I possibly NOT use the title: Warning: Occasional Penis.

It is very sad that anyone has to be so sick as to act this way. My mother would have said "at least he has the body for it." Let's all hope he finds healthier ways to use that body.

Yes, this occasional penis incident does have a place in keeping the pounds off. It reminds me of my own behaviors relating to food abuse. When I treat my body to unhealthy eating behaviors I am as insane as the subject of 'occasional penis: bystanders are affected by my eating when I act out with a nasty attitude or with a brain functioning on a sugar-high, I am often unaware of what I am doing and what the consequences will be. Unlike the BART basher I will not be locked away. That does not make me any better.

What is the most insane thing you have done while under the influence of your substance of choice?



Norma said...

I think I already told you about the time I was working alone in my first job post-college, at a little office in a converted brownstone in Boston's Back Bay. I got a crazy chocolate attack. It was pelting, pouring, freezing rain. I didn't care. I left the office and ran in the rain to the corner store about two blocks away. I bought a quart of Hershey's chocolate milk, a three-pack of Hostess cupcakes, and a giant Snickers bar. I ran back to my office. They were ALL GONE within seven minutes of my arrival back at my desk; I never even took off my wet raincoat.

Anonymous said...

Guy was held overnight, charged with a misdemeanor, released. He's back to life, as normal. We don't even blink, naked people not uncommmon. Scarier is getting shot by the thugs who just ran into the back of your car at a stop sign.

E. Jane said...

I've done some pretty crazy things to get my chocolate fix. Late night runs to the grocery store; eating in the car; throwing wrappers out of the window on the way home to hide the evidence. All the while I was feeling guilty about littering. I should have been feeling guilty about the whole scenario, but I was deep into denial in those days.

Jane Cartelli said...

I do remember you sharing that Norma. I cannot imagine you eating such low quality frankenfood today.

Anonymous - That is much scarier. I don't understand why he was not charged with assault, unless the people he touched decided not to press charges.

EJane: I once bought Easter candy and started eating it in the car and when I realized what I was doing I started throwing the Cadbury eggs out the window. I, too worried about the littering of the roadway without giving proper respect to the littering I was doing in my own body.

Norma said...

I forgot to mention, re: your post title -- I prefer FREQUENT penis.


I would not eat any of those items today if they were the last "food" on Earth, Jane. No lie. I'd self-righteously starve to death. ;) A slow, noble suicide is preferable to a poisoned life.

Jane Cartelli said...

Re: Frequent - Now there's the Norma I know and love!