Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Day Three of the Summer Bug

I am dousing my nose and upper lip in Vaseline in an effort to keep them from cracking and peeling. They are raw from the constant nose wiping. I do not care how much lanolin is in these tissues, they are equal to sandpaper when used continually for three days. The inside of my head feels like it is going to burst out every time I sneeze, hack, blow my nose - ouch! Around 6am my sinuses cleared for an hour and I got to sleep with my mouth closed, which was helpful to my raw throat. I am tired and cranky. Oatmeal and blueberries for breakfast. No milk, butter or bananas. Nothing mucus-y.

Yesterday I wrote that I was going to get on the treadmill and just go slowly. I dressed but only glanced at the treadmill as I made my way to my office and never went back. . . . Today, my husband says I feel warm. I get excited because fever means no exercise allowed. To be sure, I take my temperature. The thermometer says I am a wuss and need to get my ass on the treadmill for some semblance of exercise.

The day before I first exhibited signs of this plague, deadly flu,  summer bug, my husband and I were exploring a nice little neighborhood  on the other side of Orlando. One of the stores there is a Kilwin's (expensive chocolates and an ice cream counter). I have to be honest: It was not my dedication to keeping the pounds off that helped me refrain from eating/buying any of the chocolate - it was the prices. I've had their chocolate before. I was not impressed enough to fork over $10 for four tiny squares of anything.

Kilwins has franchises. My husband notices their advertisement seeking prospective franchisees on the wall of the shop and states his belief that their choice of slogan is unfortunate. I think it is unintentional truth in advertising.

"Grow With Us"  

Oh, I would grow alright . . .  no , thank you.

I am off to get on that damn treadmill and do something healthy. I will comment later that I did it this time - or not, if I don't,  



Caron said...

I haven't had a cold of any kind for a while but I know full well how miserable they are. You are probably about half way through it now. Feel better soon. Hugs. :)

Karen said...

Coconut oil for lips and skin under the nose. Call the doc for fever. In adults our age = infection. At least call to get the 411.

Hang on there.

Jane Cartelli said...

I did 34 minutes on the treadmill and then took a shower. Before the workout I succumbed to taking Dayquil. Felt more comfortable after the shower but do not know if it was the Dayquil or the sweat-equity - or both.

Losing Shorty said...

When I have a bad cold, showers help me a lot. I hope the worst of it has passed.