Friday, July 5, 2013

Mindless Trash

Still feeling the summer bug but the worse of it has passed from me to my husband. He is now coughing, sneezing, achy, stuffed up, and wishing he had taken Dayquil earlier. Thankfully he is off until Monday so he has a few days to start feeling better,

I'm back in the office and getting to work when (of course) I had to take 10 minutes to check out the wasteland of internet headlines. I spent the last two minutes reading about James Gandolfini's will. Since I know I am not named in the will (nor is anyone I know) - why did I waste 2 minutes of my life reading it and two minutes writing about it here?

I don't think it matters. A couple of minutes of mindless trash a day is not like a couple of minutes of mindless trash eating a day. My brain can digest a few minutes of crap and can even function better because of the mindless break.

Not so our bodies A couple of minutes of trash eating can weaken a body for the day or even a week. String together those mindless trash minutes of eating over several days or weeks and I gain 10-15-20 pounds.

What is good for the brain is not necessarily good for the body. In keeping the pounds off, I cannot be mindless because my mouth is involved.

How do you keep mindless trash in check?



Laura said...

Ah, mindless internet surfing... Jane, this has been my personal war for a few years now. One night I was thinking about all the wasted time I've spent sitting in front of a screen and did some math and... HOLY MOLY! That was the night I pledged to myself to limit my computer/internet/cell phone use. I went so far as to quit Facebook, twitter, everything. The 30 minutes I allow myself on the internet per day is spent on work (inventory and hours), updating a webpage I maintain for a local DJ, reading your blog (LOVE LOVE LOVE), one other blog, DIS boards and of course email. That's it. I've learned what (and who) matters- learned I can paint, learned to play the ukulele, took care of my Nana in her final months, have cooked my way through a french cookbook (no, not julia child) and have learned almost all the north east birds (and their sounds!).

Now, if I can apply that to my eating habits, I will help my health! If only it were as easy as that. Trying to figure it out and your blog is inspiring me!

Jane Cartelli said...

THank you for sharing about how limiting the Internet has given you back more of your life. The French cookbook - did you make potato leek soup? I am going to make it this week from Julias cookbook - before I banish it to a forgotten shelf. - Laura, I have tried the balancing act with food and I have to say it has been a failure. I have to return to abstaining. Gratefully, I have people to help me get back to business.