Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Mock Grapefruit Smoothie?

When the temperatures top 95 degrees is when I most want to stop at the Twistee Treat and gobble down ice cream in the name of cooling down on a hot day. That is not an option for me today so I have been occasionally drinking a can of Fresca. I like the grapefruit flavor - not too tart and it is sugar free. Funny thing about grapefruit - I like the fresh fruit but hate it as a juice. 

I don't really want to drink diet soda so I came up with an alternative.  Something cold and refreshing, mostly natural and full of flavor. It even has fiber. 

8oz seedless watermelon, diced
2 oz mango or pineapple
2 tablespoons key lime juice (fresh or bottled)
non-sugar sweetener of your choice - from Splenda to stevia leaves
5-6 ice cubes

Put it all in a blender (I use a wand) and blend until it is like a smoothie. Drink it fast or serve it over more ice cubes because it melts quickly.

When I tasted it I realized it tasted just like a grapefruit smoothie. Made as above, it is a refreshing serving of fruit that will squelch the summer doldrums. I have also made this adding a scoop of unsweetened whey protein and 1/4 cup of almond milk, turning it into a protein drink. 

Non-fat, no added sugar, minimal processing - and it keeps my thoughts from wandering to the ice cream aisle.  It is a bit of perfection on a hot, humid summer afternoon.  



Caron said...

I am the same way in that I like grapefruit to eat but can't stand the juice. I will definitely try this. :)

Vickie said...

I am here, I am reading, crazy busy as middle leaves for college on Sunday

Laura said...

YUMMY!! I'm going to try this tomorrow when I make my produce run!!