Monday, July 1, 2013

Summer Cold

Headache, chills, stuffed sinuses, watery eyes and nose, plugged ears, scratchy throat. I am in day two  of a summer cold.

I have tried working on a few drafts for KTPO but they 'sound' as stuffed up and congested as I feel. I will not post anything except for whiny sickbed updates and pithy light banter until my head is clear.

Went to Kennedy Space Center to see the space shuttle Atlantis exhibit. It is wonderful and worth the trip over to the coast if you come to central Florida. Last night I went with friends to see "The Heat" with Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock. I laughed a lot. I didn't think I would find it that funny, but I did.

Right now I am going for a walk on a treadmill at a slow pace so I can protect my ailing knee yet still get some movement in before I put in a day in the office. Luckily I do not need to travel to the theme parks today. I am all about staying in a climate controlled home until I feel better. No comfort foods, no searching for something to penetrate the congestion blocking my taste buds.

I recuperate best when I keep to my normal. How about you?



Karen said...

I crave bread and crackers when I'm sick. It's my slippery slope thinking and I know it. I kick those thoughts to the curb.

So I make chicken broth (homemade- I control the sodium and ingredients). I also take decongestants so that I don't get sinus infections.

The best medicine for me is a low inflammatory diet, lots of sleep.

Hang in there, Jane- summer colds are the absolute worse. There will still be lots of summer left, so rest up and hoping you'll feel better soon.

E. Jane said...

So sorry--I do so dislike summer colds or summer illness of any kind. All my grandkids have the cold, so I'm definitely at risk for it. Take care--chicken soup for a while.

Laura said...

Sorry you're sick! :( Booooo

but I had to comment on "The Heat"

I, too, didn't think I would find it that funny, but I was laughing to tears!

Get better soon!

Losing Shorty said...

I always do the home-made chicken soup thing for colds and lots of fluids. Going out in the heat is not fun with a cold during the Summer. I hope you feel better very quickly!

Vickie said...

I make broth by boiling all the veggies I normally eat, and then, straining them out (mushy).