Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Three seats in the Toilet?

Lots going on. Just a quick post so you know I am alive. Last week my husband and I ate at  Bistro on Park, a restaurant in Winter Park, Florida. I had an adequate salad. They called it a Cobb salad. It had the ingredients of a Cobb salad but that is where any semblance to Cobb salad ended. Note to the chef: a Cobb salad has all elements diced to a uniform size. It is not a Cobb salad when the egg is sliced, the chicken is stripped, the cheese is crumbled, the cucumbers are rounds and the tomatoes are wedges. My husband had a portobello mushroom cap served as a burger and he pronounced it excellent. 
 After lunch, on the way out, I stopped to use their ladies room. There was a single stall in the ladies room. This is a photo of ladies bathroom. Here are my questions:
  • Why are there chairs (yes, plural) in the single  toilet restroom?
  • Does the line ever get so long that people line up on seats in the toilet, waiting their turn?
  • Does anyone really need or want a mirror pointing at them while they sit on the toilet?
  • The same style chairs are in the dining room. Who sanitizes these chairs before they are placed back in the dining room? 

It is a fact that we eat larger portions when we dine out. 
Keeping the Pounds Off tip of the day: 
Visit a restaurant's bathroom before you order your food or have your meal. It could help you eat less or even prompt you to leave and eat at home. 



Laura said...

Oh dear...

This made me laugh and cringe all at once.

Though I have to say, the "mirror" thing was the most cringe worthy for me. Yes, even over the thought of the chairs going back to the dinning room when needed.

Norma said...

I'm singing the title of this post to the tune of "Three Coins in the Fountain"... ;)

Jack Sh*t, Gettin Fit said...

I think I'd have trouble going with a couple of people two feet away staring at me. I'm just guessing tho...

Anonymous said...

Are the chairs there as a baby changing area maybe? Seems weird!