Saturday, August 17, 2013

Another Non-Food List

Are weekends a time when you tend to stray from your healthy path and visit the foods of country fairs, out-of-the-way cafes, theme parks, neighbor's backyards and country markets? It pays to remember that not all 'food stuff' is food. A Prevention article was sent to me today listing 19 'foods' that are not really food (your great-grandmother never used them in this form). These are 19 products, not foods. In my life I have had 16 of them. Several I dropped long before keeping off the first pound because I didn't like them anyway. the rest I dropped along the way as the pounds dropped.

I want to discuss a couple of these products.

Caramel Syrup - Caramel is made of sugar, butter, cream and maybe salt. Any other ingredient is a chemical, an additive or a frankenfood. ALL commercially prepared caramel products contain frankenfood ingredients. Remember that the next time you want 'just a squeeze' of caramel in your coffee at Starbucks. My squirrels consider caramel a necessary food group (know what I mean?), but I know I am better off without it. Did you ever make it at home, from scratch. Do this once and you will never - ever again want the commercially prepared products. When I see caramel products in the store my hands do not reach for them. But what about making it at home? It takes a little time and sensitivity to make caramel correctly. It is not easy to whip up during a momentary frenzy of insane eating. I do not keep the ingredients in the house so it would require real effort of time and energy. This gives me time to process my thoughts and feelings and move my mind away from the action.  

Frozen Dairy Dessert - Back in my ice cream binge days, I ate real ice cream - never the fake stuff. One day we bought some fancy Breyer and Edy flavors expecting it to taste like ice cream. (before label reading became my habit). Tasting them, they tasted different, strange - greasy. I read the labels and realized they were not even called ice cream. They were all labeled as a 'frozen dairy dessert. Ugh. Never did that again and it helps me to this very day to stay away from so many of the 'new and exciting' flavors when their colorful packages appear in the supermarket freezers. 

Eggbeaters - Eggs are a good food. They are a whole food. The processed version contains soy and 12 other ingredients. Why?  I gave up eggbeaters when I realized how easy it was to separate whites and yolks and how much better it tasted to make my own egg whites at home. 

I can't believe it's not butter spray - I did keep using this occasionally until the last purchase about six months ago. Then I gave it up for good. The chemical taste finally got to me. My mom liked margarine more than butter. When everyone else pointed out to her how horrible margarine was for you she always said to leave her alone with her chemicals, as if it were a joke. No one is laughing today, mom. 

Pancake Syrup - With corn syrups or without - does not matter. If it is not pure maple syrup it is full of chemicals and all that goes with it. I kept maple sugar on my plan even though it is really 100% sugar in another form. However, since I do not eat pancakes, waffles or french toast these days, there is no reason to have maple syrup so the point it moot and I do not have it in the house. The last bottle got old waiting for use. 

Are you eating any of the products on the list of these nineteen non-foods? Does reading what is in your food stuffs help you to put the stuff down?


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Karen said...

I'm really glad to report that I do not eat any of those foods (anymore) and none of them are in my house now.

In particular- Cool whip, ice cream, I cannot believe it's not butter (cause it is NOT butter!), Maple syrup, and imitation bluberries (in muffins) were all binge food for me.
All kept me foggy brained and eating too much.

Interesting food list, Jane. Thanks for posting