Thursday, August 29, 2013

Cleveland, Ohio

I am in Cleveland for a few days.

I packed my egg cooker, protein powder, Quest bars, oatmeal, almond milk and whole grain wheat-free sunflower seed bread. Once here, I bought my meats, yogurt, eggs, raw vegetables and fruits.

I make my breakfast in the hotel room, have a salad, or sandwich and fresh vegetables for lunch and go out for dinner.

Keeping to my normal plan of eating takes willingness, a little planning and yes, a positive attitude.

Three days into this trip and I still feel energetic and at peace with my choices. When I come home I will not be afraid to step on the scale.

I have another post ready to go on Sunday. After that I will post again when I get home.



Laura said...

I will need to take your tips and advice when I go away the end of Oct.

Plan ahead- the most valuable thing I've learned from you!!!!!!!!

Vickie said...

Good points, glad you are doing well.