Saturday, August 3, 2013

In Defense of Fruit - Kudos Dr David Katz

This quote comes from the pen of Dr. David Katz in his article, now on the Huffington Post: Fructose, Fruit and Frittering:

You find me the person who can legitimately blame their obesity or diabetes on apples or carrots, and I will give up my day job and become a hula dancer! It's been quite a few years, and there's still no grass skirt in my closet. 
How can you not love this man. He goes on to write:

Of course fruit is good for us! Maybe it's not as good for us as vegetables, and maybe we should have been saying "vegetables and fruits" rather than "fruits and vegetables" all along. But fruit is good for us. Overwhelmingly, diets and health in the U.S. stand to improve with the addition of more fresh fruits, and the foods the fruits displace. After all, if you have an apple or banana as a snack, you not only benefit from the apple or banana;you benefit from the avoidance of the chips or cheese puffs you might have eaten instead.
Telling people fructose is toxic except when it's in fruit, or carbs are the enemy unless they are in lentils, is a bit like telling people that calories are poisonous (since an excess of them is driving the obesity epidemic) except when found in plain and wholesome food, necessary for survival. Well, then, maybe that first message was just plain wrong! We have decades of experience to teach us that messages needing immediate corrective caveats cultivate nothing but confusion, and forestall the objectives of public health.

'Scary' bananas and tangerines
This defense of fruit is not throwing kisses at 'fruit sugars', hfcs or sugar itself. It is not a doctrine granting immunity to apple fritters and orange marmalade. It simply states some sound points and common sense. 

I love the balance. 

Are you scared of fruit?



Karen said...

Love those quotes, Jane.

I'm not afraid of fruit, but I do use caution on the amounts. Berry serving daily (usually blueberry, raspberry, or black berry)

I tend to have small amounts of in season fruits like peaches, a few slices of oranges, occasional smaller bits of of mango, pineapple on salads, etc. Bananas don't agree with me, so they're out.

I have found that if I over do on fruit that I will start to gain. My maintenance food template provides 50-75 grams of carbs a day. I sleep, maintain, and thrive in this level. I can go higher on long hiking days.

I know some people can't process the sugar in fruit and have to abstain. I thank my lucky stars everyday when I have my berries.

RedPanda said...

I think the "fear of fruit" comes from the extreme low-carb mindset - or more specifically, a misunderstanding of low carb dieting.

Karen - you have obviously figured out *exactly* what works for you, but few people will put in the work you have. It's easier to just proclaim "fruit = sugar = bad" and leave it at that.

I love my berries too!

Vickie said...

I have to REALLY watch my fruit intake. I stick to the fruits on the lower end of the sugar scale.

And I eat no more than two servings of fruit a day. I do not consider myself a low carb person. I consider myself a proportional carb person.

Fruits Lowest in Sugar:
small amounts of Lemon or Lime

Fruits Low to Medium in Sugar:
Casaba Melon
Honeydew melons
Apples Guavas

Fruits Fairly High in Sugar:

Fruits Very High in Sugar:
Dried Fruit, such as dates, raisins, dried apricots, and prunes

Unknown said...

Ever since I quit eating desserts, I deeply appreciate my fruit. And I'm not reducing the amount I eat of it unless it is necessary, because it makes my eating happy. I'm not certain my eating could be happy without some sweet fruits. :D

Jane Cartelli said...

On the higher sugar fruits - I rarely have any except pineapple.
Pineapple, mangos, banana. Bananas I have about 3x a week, pineapple once and mangos every other week. Berries and tart apples are my go-to fruits.

It is hard to do the work of figuring it all out. Sometimes I slowly get into a daily rut with bananas and then forget what I know.