Thursday, August 8, 2013

Whining and Gratitude Reminder

Can you still indulge in treats and keep your pounds off? I can't. I want to but I can't.

As little as two years ago I could do it. Not today. My body has changed. It no longer permits the occasional indulgence without a parallel weight gain that is disproportionate to what I eat. If I eat ice cream or cake the food might weigh 16oz (or 32 oz). That's one to two pounds. Yet my body will latch on to passing molecules of other food stuffs and I will gain five plus pounds for a few days and then, maybe, just maybe, go back down to a gain of a pound or two after a few more days. This is even though I might cut back on all other calories for that day, defeating the 'a calorie is a calorie' theory. Repeat the behavior once a month and I will gain 24 pounds in a year.

I was lying to myself that it was okay to go up and down in response to a pint of fat and sugar every now and then but that is not an example of something that is 'working'; that is teaching my body to die in a slow and painful increments because the craving will keep coming back as long as I 'occasionally' feed it.

I would never suggest that having a 1/2 cup of ice cream each week would help anyone get over a craving. (and who the hell can eat  a half cup of ice cream and be satisfied, I mean come on - what's the point. I would put a half cup on topping on my ice cream so the ice cream itself better be more substantial that the topping.) Someone shared with me that their husband buys a pint and eats the whole thing over a few days. A pint to last a few days? That is not my experience - although I did once make a pint last several hours. I wonder what I ate the next day? Probably more.

Cry me a river, Jane: get over it and be grateful that you don't have to lose hundred of re-gained pounds. There are more beautiful than things in life than ice cream.

Practicing my gratitude one day at a time during these dog days of summer.



Vickie said...

I think the everything in moderation thing gets a lot of people in trouble. They deny this totally, of course, but if you look, it is clearly not working. I agree, it is a lot about giving the taste buds a chance to totally move over to real food. And even with real food, have to be so careful. My son and I just had this conversation about OJ. A serving is 1/2 cup. He was drinking 2-3 cups at a time. He said it was clearly easier to walk away from the juice than try to limit it (for him).

Unknown said...

My family was so crabby tonight that I couldn't stand anyone. I tried to go to sleep, but someone came to wake me up to vent. I tried to soothe with ice cream in a little dish--did not work. Repeat to myself: did not work.

Jane Cartelli said...

Vickie - OJ is something easier for me not to have. I know I use to drink 2 cups a day without thinking about it. Now I only have it when I am sick and full of mucous. (eww)

Marion - Sleep was such a good choice, too. Sorry you got vented on. My only saving grace on days like that is not having it in the house. When my family has it in the house I try not to know it is there.

bbubblyb said...

Yep I've come to realize sugary things even in moderation will never keep my weight off. It's been a hard thing to accept but I'm finally getting it through my head.

Caron said...

I agree that a half cup serving of ice cream is a joke. When we used to buy half gallons of ice cream (that does not happen anymore), I would laugh at how many servings the carton said it had. Honestly, we were lucky to get four or five servings out of it.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with Vickie about everything in moderation. That is dandy for people who really do not care about food. I always tell myself that I will eat less later for a treat now (Whimpy style). I rarely follow thru or if I do, it never seems to be enough to compensate.

I cannot have sugar. I still cry over it especially as I stroll thru the grocery. EVERYTHING is loaded with it. I was stomping in the grocery the other day complaining about the carbs loaded in everything and how there was nothing good to eat. Hubs stopped me, held me by the shoulders and said "you can't eat these things. It is just the way it is. You eat them, they eat you." For some reason it set me back on track and out of what probably was extremely annoying crybaby moaning.

That said, I am still pissed :))

Jane Cartelli said...

On Munchie - I've missed you. Your husband's response and aid in your time of stress in the grocery is beautiful. "You eat them - they eat you." I love it. I will change it just one iota for me "I eat them - they consume me."

Caron - I should have known I was in trouble the day my husband and I could not agree on a flavor, so we bought 2 half gallons. God help me, I did that for a couple of YEARS.

Anonymous said...

That is so true. Consume.

Hope that sinkhole has not consumed the Cartelli Clan.

Jane Cartelli said...

The sinkhole is not near the Cartellis this time. Two years ago there was one in Windermere, which is closer.
Sinkholes are scary.