Saturday, September 14, 2013

Fat Hair?

For no other reason than apathy, I recently changed shampoo products. The label reads "No silicone." I don't even know what that is in regards to shampoo and how it better not to have it. After rinsing it out I picked up my bottle of hair conditioner du jour (Garnier Fructis fortifying conditioner triple nutrition with fruit oils of olive, avocado and Shea). I wondered if the conditioner had silicone and decided to read the label while the conditioner sat on my hair for the recommended minutes.

First I learned that this product does not have a recommended number of minutes to leave on hair. Second - it does not contain silicone.

Third: it does contain (are you ready?) . . . .

Sugar cane extract

As a non-chemist/non-scientist,  I have no freaking idea why hair conditioner which already contains things like lemon peel, apple, avocado, black current and olive fruit oils, would also need sugar - it is a necessary chemical component to the final product. Or is someone is trying to improve the flavor???  Is someone out there eating this stuff?

Unless . . . . and this is possible: does sugar cane in my hair conditioner fatten my hair the way sugar fattens my ass? Perhaps the sugar cane in the conditioner will pump up the sparse strands of hair I am praying will stay on my head and stop falling off as easily as sprinkles on a dry cupcake. (food analogies show I am not working hard enough to be creative this morning).

I don't know if the sugar in the conditioner is fattening my hair but just in case it is, I am making sure that when I rinse, the runoff does not get on my thighs and butt.

*and no jokes about my fat head, please.



Karen said...

I have to choose gluten free hair products. Otherwise I get bad cystic acne.

It's are real chore to find the hidden gluten. Usually a call to the company is in order.

Laura said...

Sugar in conditioner. Hmmm... You may have answered my question about why the mosquitos like me better then everyone else I'm with!

Sharon said...

I can't read those ingredients but generally everything that ends in "cone" (dimethicone, etc..) is a silicone. The rap on them is that they weigh down hair and build up unless you use harsh shampoos. I try to avoid them because my hair is really fine but a lot of people use them and have no issues. Basically almost every product that says it will make hair shiny will contain some form of silicone.