Monday, September 9, 2013

Finally! Truth in Food Advertising!

The ad reads "Try the new deliciously addictive treat."

The manufacturer of this 'food' is telling us up front that they are promoting their food as addictive.

Unlike the warning box on a package of cigarettes, where we are warned of the addictive properties and physical ailments caused by tobacco; here we are being cautioned "this substance can be addictive" because the food manufacturer considers the statement of addiction alone to be so enticing as to tempt the buyer to run and try it because it must be good if it is addictive. 

And do we fall for it?

The name of the product plays on the idea of an addictive food is delicious. They call it THINaddictives. I would argue that using 'thin' and 'addictive' together on a food is oxymoronic but I digress. . . .

I am not promoting the product so I will not name the manufacturer even though you can see the name in the photo. I have not read the ingredients list and I have no opinion on this food as a food, junk food, or frankenfood. I have not tried it. The advertisement caught my eye because of the name. That is all.

What do you think? Does a thin addictive cookie mean you will eat less cookie?



Laura said...

Well it says THIN so it MUST be healthy to eat. *rolls eyes*

RedPanda said...

I think the name THINaddictives is sneaky and calculated - and I bet people fall for it.

Karen said...

Holy smokes- cookie/biscotti/muffins were at the very top of my addictive food chain.

I agree with RP, the words thin with addictive were meant to sell more product.

Huge, huge red flags when other bloggers post "I indulged" "I find this xyz addictive". Because. It. Is. What. Made. Us. Overweight!

When I'm eating in my food template- food is just food. When I'm on a slippery slope, food takes on comfort, fun, and other forms of fake things.

I thank myself everyday for abstaining from these foods.