Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I'm Back on Land - Seeking Firm Footing

We had a wonderful time. The cabin was huge. Our balcony was massive - 7.5 times the length of a standard balcony. You could walk laps on the balcony and almost get away with calling it a workout.

The entertainment on a Disney cruise is always excellent. The private island was peaceful and refreshing. The food was excellent and the service was wonderful. We never ran into any drunks, out of control children or obnoxious adults. The weather was alternately sunny and rainy but that didn't stop us from enjoying the water coaster, the hot tubs, the pool, the the spa or the beach. Life at sea was good.

The first day was fine. The second day I neglected to write down my food after lunch and thereafter. On the third day I was forgetting to plan my meals going forward and by the last day I was eschewing salads in favor of risotto. It all adds up to eating the wrong foods for my body and I feel it in my limbs, in my joints and in my head.  I ate too much. I often do when I eat out for meal after meal after meal after meal where someone else must prepare all the meals. On road trips and stays at people's homes I have more input in the ingredients and access is not constant - nor are the meals 90 minutes to 2 hours long.  

I am grateful to be back to my tap water (as opposed to ship board tap water), my plain Greek yogurt,  my food safety zone-home, and the simple foods I eat with satisfaction when not faced with the never ending varieties of buffet breakfasts and seven choices of five course dinners every night.

A cruise can be a floating minefield for a food addict. I was not perfect and I am resisting the negative behavior of beating myself up over it. I do not need extra helpings of remorse, regret, judgement or punishment.

Moving away from the shifting sands and standing on firm land today.



Unknown said...

Hi Jane, Well, today I'm going back to very strict/normal too. I've had a few days of falling into somewhat bad food habits of old and need to get back to my plain food too. And I also think it will be a "comfort." So here's to comfort food being plain clean food. :D

Jane Cartelli said...

Marion - You are correct. There is a 'comfort' to be found in the routine of the clean foods. We can embrace that comfort - clean eating without making every bite a party in our mouths!