Thursday, September 26, 2013

Tiger Talk

Breathing a happy sigh of relief. Headache gone. Balance - which is my goal, is restored. I had irritated my knee and hip last week and exercise had been a no-go for several days but yesterday was better and today there was no pain at all so I could work out and not swallow aspirin with an Aleve chaser. *no I do not really mix pain meds.

I decided to read some of my own past posts and while often I find my printed 'voice' to be pompous and irritating, I  occasionally find something I write is worth repeating (with small changes because it is being read away from the original context). 

Those who still play a food game and tempt the tiger in her cage should do so with great caution and remain ever mindful of their food issues. I am tired of the Tiger of addiction scratching her claws on me. I do not want to play that game anymore. It isn't a fun game. 

You take a first bite and then the
Tiger gets to sink those teeth in you
I am grateful that constant vigilance that keeps me out of the Tiger's cage. I would rather be constantly vigilant and outside the cage rather than inside, playing the game just to one day to find myself inside the mouth of that Tiger. 

If you dread the thought that keeping the pounds off means working damn hard to maintain your weight loss every day of your life - think about how much you dread gaining fifty or a hundred pounds back. 

Which do you dread more?


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