Tuesday, October 22, 2013

1.3 Billion Tons of Food

Two articles in the newspaper appeared on the same day - on the same page - on the same column. One was about wasted food. It stated that 1.3 Billion Tons of food is wasted each year. The second was about how Governor Chris Christie signed a bill allowing sick children greater access to medical marijuana.

I never indulged in pot use. I was a straitlaced kid who never slept around, used drugs or got drunk with other teens. I was too busy learning how to make my own cookie dough ice cream to bother with all that, so I can only go by what others have experienced but I understand that marijuana use gives people the munchies. The two articles got me to thinking:

If less 'food' was manufactured, wouldn't it be true that less 'real' food would go to waste?

What do you think?



Karen said...

Yes!!! 1000 times yes. Spot on, Jane

FredT said...

If it is manufactured, is it food?

How is that waste measured?

I need to grow a ton of potatoes to get a 1000 pounds of contract 3-4's. Is that other 1000 pounds waste?

Anonymous said...

Oddly enough, pot-smokers have a lower BMI then the general population. I think the munchies are a myth. At least they are, for me.

PJ Geek said...

Ha! I laughed when I read this and had a couple of different thoughts. I was a 'good girl' too between binges of Hershey Kisses and "FIRE" flavored Jolly Ranchers. I 'invented' 'rice krispie treat' cereal back in 1970 by tearing up big marshmallows and plopping it in rice krispie cereal. I checked and the Kellogs cereal came out in the 90's. I was on to something.

The whole food industry thrives on our wasting food...at the expense of our future. I have a big issue with waste. Think of all of the packaging that we waste-either with products we use or don't use. Each box of cereal with it's inner bag of cereal and after a few bowls it's trash. Sorry , I went on a rant.

Jane Cartelli said...

Anonymous - the pot smokers I know are all well above a healthy body size with the exception of the ones who are also alcoholics. But again, I am talking about addicts, not someone who smokes a joint less often than the moon is full.

PJ - as the inventor of Rice krispie cereal, you have a lot to answer for!